Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

I was holding my daughter the other day when I noticed there were sparkles all over her. I didn’t remember taking her to a strip club, so I was confused as to why she was covered in glitter. Then I looked at my arms and realized that the lotion I had been wearing for a few months now was sparkly. I guess that’s what “shimmer” lotion means.

The lotion is from Marc Jacobs and is my favorite scent ever. It’s a gift that my aunt gives me every year on my birthday, because I used to always take hers when I lived with her. I love wearing it when I go out and about, but I need something for around the house. I don’t really want to buy any other lotions, so I looked into how to make my own lotions. Turns out, it’s pretty thrifty and will last a while. PERFECT! Here are some tutorials.

crem1580Homemade bag balm, from Prairie Sunrise Homestead

DIY-Homemade-Lotions-Bars-5A couple handmade lotion and lip balm tutorials, by My Yellow Umbrella

CLEAN LIVING ORGANIC HOMEMADE lavender  LOTIONOrganic homemade lotion, by Sincerely, Kinsey

This is awesome place to find all sorts of DIY projects. This might become my new love

Homemade-Lotion-Recipe-all-natural-and-easy-to-makeAll-Natural Homemade Lotion Recipe, by Wellness Mama

And when you’re done with your lotion

mason jar lotion dispenser labeledDIY Mason Jar Lotion Dispenser, from The Gunny Sack

Please let me know if you tried any of these tutorials. I would love to know how they turned out! I’ll post my lotion experiment when I’m done. Have any homemade lotion tutorials to share? Post the link in the comments!

And as always, not everything I pin on my Pinterest makes it onto the blog, so for more inspiration, check out my Pinterest!

Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdaysDressers. They are awesome when you need them. Almost necessary when you need them. But, when you don’t need them, they are the worst. Huge and bulky, you can’t just store it away somewhere. You have to either give it to someone (there’s almost always someone who needs a dresser) or donate it. Maybe you could sell it on Craigs List. But what if you don’t want to go through all that? Or what if your dresser is so beat that nobody wants it?

Well, here are some ideas for what you can do with dresser drawers. So, at least half of your problem is solved, right?

1. Make it decorative

DSC_00091-1024x724Shadow box tutorial, via the JADERBOMB blog

2. Make it functional

ydrawer10_1Awesome Drawer Re-Do, by A Very Dandoislion Life

3. Make it into a hanger

img_9389DIY Project: Morgane’s Drawer Hangers via Design*Sponge

4. Make it organize your stuff

Drawer-Shelves1-768x1024Drawer Shelves: After, by Home Made: Craft Shop and Studi0

5. Make it house your garden

5333753-11310962-thumbnailDIY Garden: Dresser drawer raised beds, by The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking

There is not much that I love more than when my crafting projects end up in the garden. This drawer garden bed idea would be cute for Cecilia’s little garden. Also, The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking might become one of my favorite blogs. Pinterest might be addicting (bad) but it does get you see what other people are doing, and to check out their blogs.

This is probably my favorite thing about Thrifty Thursdays and Fridays are for Favorites, they allow me some time to check out new blogs. I try to not use big companies when I look for tutorials, so the people who are doing it all on their own can get some recognition. Now, the next step would be to actually follow the tutorials. But that’s a whole other story.

Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

I still remember when I got my own homemade soap kit. I was in high school and after I received homemade soap as a gift, I told my dad that I wanted to try my hand at it. Now, high school was over ten years ago for me, so there was no Pinterest. There was a homemade soap kit that my dad got me, though.

So I gave it a whirl. And it was absolutely horrible. I mean, the kit itself was cool, but my soap came out all wrong. I just remember it being kind of greasy and sticky at the same time. It was gross. I’m gagging now just thinking about it. I ultimately decided that soap making was not my forte and never tried it again. Once I heard that traditional homemade soap was made using animal fat, I was reassured that I didn’t want anything to do with making soap.

Every time I see homemade soap for sale, there is a little ache in my heart, knowing that I could be doing that. So, I checked Pinterest to see if there were any tutorials for making soap without using animal fat. Because if it’s it not on Pinterest, it probably doesn’t exist. Obviously. And, wouldn’t you know it, there are.

Here are some cool tutorials for making soap, one of them even includes beer!

raspberrypreserves1_lgTutorial on making cold-process soap, by Soap Deli News. There is  A LOT to making soap.

Next time someone gives you handmade soap as a gift, give them a hug.

393a670d49fe2551ee70d566d0120169Liquid hand soap tutorial, by The Bungalow Boutique

4957a484dd42b663f0d3bc86f031babcEco-friendly soap video tutorial, by Soap Queen

6a014e8c14bd09970d017742a50b53970d-800wiOatmeal soap tutorial, by olallieberry. She has a whole bunch of cool things on her blog.

You should check her out just because

patchouli-beer-bar-300x300It’s with great pleasure that I bring to you, beer soap tutorial, by Great Cakes Soapworks

Have a soap recipe you want to share? Put it in the comments!

All of the pictures are from the tutorial sites. You can either click on the picture or on the link to be directed back to each website.

Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

There is nothing that I hate more than throwing a perfectly good glass bottle in the trash when there are plenty things that could be done with it. Well, there might be a couple things that I hate more than that. But not much. I’ve tried cutting the glass, both with a string and with a glass cutter contraption, and I was not a fan. So, I ended up just throwing out the glass because I felt uninspired. I know, so not cool.

I’ve been saving the glass again but unless I’m making something I can put in them that day, they just lay around. And since I’m all about living an uncluttered life, it kind of stresses me out…not going to lie. So, I decided to consult my best pal Pinterest and see what else I could do with these little beauties.

CIMG6175Upycyling glass tutorial, by Home with Mandy

52mantels mason jar vase2Turn mason jars into vases, by 52 mantels

puff paint chalk board bottlesTransform your glass into a canvas, by Doodlecraft

jar1Put a little jute on it, by Too Much Time on my Hands


6 Ways to Upcylce Glass Lids and Jars, by EcoEtsy

Have an idea for upcylcing glass and lids? Post them here! And if you don’t want to do this project but have some bottles to donate, let me know! For more ideas, check out my Pinterest. I don’t write about everything I pin, so there is plenty more where this came from!

Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

I decided to start a garden because I didn’t want to have to depend on the grocery store for my produce. I eat a lot of fruit and veggies and without a car, I can’t just get up and go to the store if I don’t have something. Also, produce is expensive. No joke. So I started a garden, but didn’t have much space to start.


Come Monday, my ghetto little garden will be moved to this area in the backyard:


Now that I have all this space, I will be able to plant even more stuff. My only concern is that I won’t be able to use the vegetables in time and they might go bad. So, this got me inspired to start canning. Here are some cool canning sites and tutorials that I found:


Preparing for canning season, from Old Fashioned Families


Home Canning 101, by Paula Deen


Ultimate Guide to Canning and Preserving, from Type-A Parent


Canning label templates, from TodaysMama


Apple butter recipe from Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy

Oh man. I am so excited to share all of my canning adventures with you! Do you have any tips, tutorials or recipes? Share them in the comments!