Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

At this point, I have over two bins full of clothes that Cecilia doesn’t wear anymore. I keep trying to give them away or donate them, but I fear that it will be just my luck to have another girl and have zero clothes for her. And we all know how expensive baby clothes are! So, I’ve started to go through all of the clothes for her to pick out some that I wasn’t a fan of to make for some more room.

Here’s the other problem that I have. I’m not a big “bow” girl. I don’t like wearing them, and I don’t see the point of putting them on my baby when a) I’m not sure she will even have enough hair to clip, and b) she will pull them off in a flash. I already know that. But, I always seem to get the response “he’s so cute!” when we go out. Biased or not, she doesn’t look like a boy. Sure, she has no hair and sometimes I put her in blue, because I’m also not a big “pink” girl, but she clearly doesn’t look like a boy.

However, I have found something that will solve both of my problems….repurposing headbands out of old clothes! I’ve already picked out some of her outfits that I probably would not use again, and I think this is what I’ll be doing with them. Here are some cool tutorials on how to do that.

Image belongs to Culture

Image belongs to Cultured

DIY: Baby Turban Headband from Cultured – Dana posted a detailed and photographed step-by-step process for making both a baby and an adult turban headband, which I could totally be into wearing one as well. Not a matching one, though. That, I am not into. This is a really awesome blog ran by two ladies, Dana and Blake, and they share tutorials, recipes and fashion inspiration. I love this new find.


Image belongs to Alisa Burke

upcycled baby headbands from alisa burke – I have used this website before for inspiration, and I still love it the same. She has so many tutorials and her experience as a freelance painter and mixed media artist shows in her work. I feel so inspired when I go through all of her stuff, and I get a lot of ideas!

Image belongs to beck-a-boo

Image belongs to beck-a-boo

DIY Baby Headband from beck-a-boo: This headband was made out of tights, which works perfectly, because we have about 20 pairs of tights since Cecilia was born in December, and I can remember her wearing them once. For about twenty minutes. On Christmas. Then she was over it…and so was I. There are a lot of different recipes and tutorials on this blog and they’re worth checking out!

I absolutely cannot wait to try making these headbands and see how they turn out. I’m more excited to see how long they will last on baby girl’s head. For more baby headband, check out my Pinterest. Have a fun baby headband tutorial or did you make one using these tutorials? If so, post in the comments and share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #diybabyheadband

Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites 4-12

So, I’m trying a little something new. I’ve always wanted to learn how to create a Photoshop photo collage, and with the help of Pugly Pixel, I was finally able to create one! Woo hoo! Now, this is my first collage so don’t judge too hard. Today’s list of favorites is surprisingly not from Pinterest (hey, there’s a first time for everything). It’s actually from Etsy.

I realized how little I use my Etsy account and what rad stuff they have there. Today, I looked up eco-friendly and voila! All these cool little shops appeared out of nowhere. I always hear complaints about how expensive their clothes are but they’re not really different than any other shop I’ve seen online, and they make you feel all good and warm inside.

So, after perusing for a good couple of hours (in between feedings, burpings, and playing), here are some of my favorite eco-friendly shops on Etsy.

photo collage

1. KindLabel – All of the clothes are made by graphic designer Stacy Lauren, who works alongside her dog. Sales from the clothes support Humane Society of the US, Fender Music Foundation, and The Adventure Project.

2. Enter The Sun – Owner and designer Janelle Warren started making jewelry in her vegetable oil-powered van. Her studio has moved from the van to her apartment and she has broadened her design horizons by making clothes as well.

3. nicandthenewfie – Nicola and Bren are a couple who make everything, from handprinted clothing, to reclaimed wooden clocks. They sell their clothes on the streets of NYC, but live and work together in Connecticut.

4. Wisher21– Cool family-run handmade clothing company. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to buy that shirt for Cecilia for when she gets a little older.

5. TrashN2Tees – Really cool clothing and accessories, all made from recycled items. The shop owner said that the clothing line has stopped over 20 tons of clothing from ending up in a landfill.

If you know of any eco-friendly companies worth checking out, please mention them in the comments below and happy shopping! Thank you again to Katrina of Pugly Pixel for the cool tutorial! Your site is amazing.