Hey I finished a project!

Yard sales are good for the soul, and for the house. I should have one every month. My mom is having one next week and I cleared out so much stuff that I was hoarding to prepare for the sale. Because of that, I found a bunch of fabric that I love and can’t wait to work with, and a lot of my old concert and band tees that I wanted to make a quilt with long, long ago. That dream is a little dead now…but I have a few ideas for what I want to do with them.

I also finally finished my chalkboard project, and actually baked something. I got an oatmeal cookie recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction and they turned out so wonderful and moist! I substituted the raisins for blueberries since I was out of raisins, and while her recipe says to bake for 10 minutes, I had to bake for 15 since my oven is a little funky.

10538681_1389727607938469_1318935655_nSo, here’s how I made the chalkboard:

IMG_2497First, I took a simple frame I got from the thrift store for $1. Then I painted it with some acrylic paint that had been left in my car for wayyy too long. So, naturally that exploded everywhere. Luckily, I happen to buy a lot of teal paint so I had some back-up and after A LOT of cleaning, I was able to resurrect my project.

IMG_2555Since the frame had an indented line on it already, I used a gold paint pent to do the line and left one side blank to add some fancy stuff to it. Unfortunately, the paint pen was too thick and not I couldn’t simply wipe it when I made a mistake. So, I painted over it and chose to do a yellow line. The yellow ended up not working since it was so light and I had to paint multiple coats, which made it look thick and chunky…not the look I was going for.

IMG_2561So, after I cleaned that up a little…I found a sort of salmon pink that I liked, and covered the yellow with that. I chose to do little diamonds on the side I left blank. They are by no means perfect, but they will do!

IMG_2652While that was drying, I used a few coats of chalk paint to paint the backboard. And ta-da! It’s a chalkboard!

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My Healthy Life: A Journey

my healthy life

I have been wanting to get back into working out daily for a long time. And I have come up with every excuse I can squeeze out of my lips and finger tips for why I’m not doing it. I’m tired. I have no energy. I chase a toddler around every hour I’m awake – isn’t that enough? Yesterday, I decided it was time to stop excusing why I had abandoned something that I secretly loved and that pushed me to take care of myself.

I wanted to involve Cecilia in my workouts and I knew that the baby workouts I did so long ago will probably not cut it for a baby on the move – so I searched for some new exercises I could do with my girl.

Photo from Bulu Box

Photo from Bulu Box

I found this little diddy from Rena Roark on Bulu Box that has fun exercises to do with your little one all the way up to your adolescent. Crazy to think that Cecilia will eventually be an adolescent. Blasphemy! I also found a neat 28 day workout plan to do with your kid from Inspired by Familia that I’m going to give a whirl.

Now, moving on to the taste buds…I have….THIS!

Photo from Kim's Healthy Eats

Photo from Kim’s Healthy Eats

Oven Fried Pickles from Kim’s Healthy Eats paired with Clean Eating Ranch Dressing from The Gracious Pantry makes me a happy girl. I’m a sucker for fried pickles, and I was over the moon to learn there is a healthier recipe and I cannot wait to make them as an appetizer, or as dinner on a solo night.

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Thrifty Thursdays: Halloween Edition!


Hi friends! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet as I have some last-minute costume preparations and decorations I need to get to! In true Thrifty Thursday fashion, I wanted to share some awesome pumpkin recipes and Halloween printables that I found, and also shared on Savannah Attic!

Photo from how sweet it is

Photo from how sweet it is

Jessica from how sweet it is (a deliciously wonderful blog that is about all things food – healthy, comfort, indulgent – she’s got it all) shares a recipe for making homemade pumpkin puree, along with beautifully crafted photos of her process. She says that it’s best to use pie pumpkins (I actually never heard of this until now) as the ones we get for carving may be more stringy. But hey, if you’ve already got the pumpkins – might as well use them!

Image belongs to Pumpkin Seeds Benefits

Image belongs to Pumpkin Seeds Benefits

Allison from Oh She Glows (a vegan food blog – yum!) shares a recipe for roasting the perfect pumpkin seeds and even shares her unfortunate experience of burning her seeds the first time she tried to roast them (oh no!). She also links to six other pumpkin recipes at the bottom of her post. All of her recipe development and photography is self-taught, so she is definitely an inspiration!

Photo from Spoonful

Photo from Spoonful

Pecan Pies in Pumpkin Shells from Spoonful – These look so delicious! You just need a few small pumpkins and all of the ingredients for the pecan pie for this recipe! This will be perfect for the small pumpkin I got Cecilia this year! Just imagine how good that pecan pie is going to be when it’s baking in your oven. Yum!

Image belongs to The Blissful Bee

Image belongs to The Blissful Bee

You can find this free printable and more over at The Blissful Bee – a fun DIY blog

Photo from Fancy Designs Blog

Photo from Fancy Designs Blog

This is one of two free printables available at Fancy Designs Blog – a blog dedicated to celebrations

if you are in need of some last-minute Halloween ideas (much like myself), you can check out my entire Homemade Halloween series over at Savannah Attic. If you have some DIY Halloween fun to share, post the link in the comments and show off your stuff on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #homemadehalloween! Find more Homemade Halloween inspiration on my Pinterest!