Gettin fit: Old clothes challenge

After my week-long break from working out (our whole house was sick…it sucked), I’m trying to get back into my routine. My baby was so used to cuddling with me all day long for a week straight, she’s also having a hard time of getting back into the routine of hanging with herself while I try to get some stuff done around here. So, I’ve gotten back into working out with my baby.

I’m still doing the 365 Days of Yoga Challenge and the poses are turning more into a flow, rather than just going from pose to pose. It’s just hard to get in my night yoga, so I need to set aside some time for it. Here is my new fitness routine:

Monday: Baby workout

Tuesday: Resistance band

Wednesday: Kettle bell

Thursday: Wii Fit

Friday: Bodyweight

Saturday: Stroll with the babe

Sunday: Stroll with the babe

Image belongs to The Daily Green

Image belongs to The Daily Green

These mom and baby exercises from The Daily Green are still my favorite mom and baby exercises. Cecilia absolutely loves when I do the Shoulder Press, Glute Lifts and Leg Lifts, which makes it fun to watch her get all excited. Now that she’s a lot more active, she has a harder time just sitting with me, so when I involve her in this stuff, she loves it.

Image belongs to Eat Hugger

Image belongs to Eat Hugger

I also started the Real Food Challenge, with my favorite yoga instructor, Erin Motz, through Eat Hugger. Since I’ve been following the Clean Eating lifestyle for a while now, this doesn’t look too hard. This is also a good site in general for finding recipes with whole foods in them. My only problem is getting the food for it. I’ll be in Sacramento this weekend so I’m hoping to hit up the farmers markets while I’m there.

They are also open to contributors who want to write articles about healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. So if this is something you are into and you love to write, you should consider checking them out. I don’t think they pay but it’s a good outlet, and a good way to get more traffic to your personal blog.

I have been able to fit into some of my old clothes that weren’t so attractive when I tried to put them on a month ago, so that makes me feel good! I’m waiting until I hit 140 before I do my first closet purge. Only 6 lbs left to go before I do that! I’m feeling a lot better (not so sluggish) and I feel a lot healthier than I did just a little while ago. I’m loving all of these changes!

What are your favorite workouts and/or health food websites? Share them in the comments or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #healthyliving. Check out my Pinterest and Tumblr for more healthy inspiration!

gettin fit: journey to the Skirt/ 365 days of yoga

Current weight: 152

Goal for the week: No butter (replace with oil)/ Yoga practice in the morning and night

journey to the skirt

I DID IT!!! I went an entire week without drinking any soda, gosh dang it! Yesterday, I was really put to the test when I had only two hours of sleep and woke up to zero coffee in the container. And I can’t even blame my lack of sleep on Cecilia, she slept all night. I started having charlie horses in my legs like I did during the last trimester of my pregnancy and couldn’t sleep.

I’ve heard it’s common to get them again because of all the strain you’re putting on your body from carrying your baby around all day. But it’s not like I’m going to quit carrying my baby, so I will just have to deal. I didn’t have any bananas, so I was just up watching late night TV until I fell asleep.

Back to the point. I was so very tempted to drink a soda but I instead opted for a lemonade. I know that’s not a whole lot better, but it didn’t have any high fructose corn syrup and I needed something. I had water but that wasn’t doing the trick. I needed some caffeine. Anyone who says they live completely caffeine free is awesome…and most likely not a new mom.

As for the butter, I’ve never been a huge butter fan. The only time I use butter is when I’m baking. I’ve always used olive oil when I cooked because I watched my dad do that. I honestly didn’t even know that butter was used for cooking until I moved in with my last roommates. Honest. But baking will be hard, so I’ll need to think of yummy oils to use so everyone can still enjoy all my treats! Mainly, so I can still enjoy them.

My yoga routine has turned out to be a big help. It’s kind of funny. At first, I was just doing yoga to help tone my body and started doing it every day because I told myself I would. While I love yoga, it started out as something I had to do. Then, it turned into something I needed to do. My mornings felt off without it.

I have been trying to incorporate a night routine as well, but I feel like that is more difficult. Everyone is home and we’re eating dinner and hanging out together. But I think that yoga at night might actually help stretch out my body and maybe I won’t get such bad leg pains during the night!

With that said, here are some new routines that I found. I’m also doing a yoga challenge through Do You Yoga and I’ll write about it as I’m going through it.


Image belongs to Gaiam Life

Sadie Nardini from Gaiam Life blog gives a tutorial on Six poses for Insomnia


Image belongs to Huffington Post

The Huffington Post also shared seven poses for insomnia, along with a video tutorial on Yoga Poses for a Better Night’s Sleep

Lastly, I’m signing up for the Eat Clean Diet Makeover Challenge. I still need to do the measurements but I think that will give me the boost I need to get my lifestyle change going. But it could also get annoying, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m also going to write about this experience every Tuesday.

If you are interested in joining me on these challenges, make sure to #365daysofyoga or #sofreshsoclean on your Twitter, Instagram, or both! You can also follow my challenges and get motivation/inspiration/a good laugh on my Facebook page.

Gettin fit: journey to the skirt/ 365 days of yoga


Current weight: 154

Goal: Switch soda for tea/ yoga twice a day








journey to the skirtBefore I write anything else, let me just say…weighing yourself the day after BBQ day is NOT a good idea! Ok, now we can continue…last week went pretty good, until Thursday. Why is it always on Thursday when you just lose all motivation and self-control? Maybe it was the pizza my boyfriend brought home, which led to my first soft drink of the week. Who knows.

BUT, I did do yoga every day for a week. Only 358 days of yoga left…yay! I did the same morning routine for a week and now I’m looking to add a night routine. Since I’m done with last week’s morning routine, I found a new one from an awesome site on getting fit, and it has bunnies! It can’t be that hard if bunnies can do it.

tumblr_mj4xxxABjd1rm1axqo1_1280Now, as for the night yoga, I really enjoyed doing this Relaxation Through Yoga the one time that I did it. I’m definitely going to start doing this again. It’s totally relaxing.

And now…the food. I love smoothies. I make them all the time. And I normally stick to the ingredients that I know and like, but I do always love finding new recipes. So, here’s my latest one:peanut-butter-banana-green-smoothie-recipe

I made my own today and loved it! Didn’t feel like having coffee or a big breakfast, so I ate this and it was perfect!

IMG_3944So, if you want to practice 365 days of yoga, just take a picture of you doing yoga and then use #365daysofyoga on Twitter or Instagram. And make sure to post your favorite healthy food/exercise/motivation in the comments!