Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

There is nothing more thrifty than free, right? There are Giveaways popping up everywhere…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…all my stomping grounds! I used to be really hesitant about entering Giveaways, because there was always a catch to them, and I would always end up getting random calls about free trips to Mexico. However, the world of blogging and social media has changed the game of Giveaways, and now they’re pretty awesome to enter. Here are a few good ones I found (including a Mod Podge one – yes!)

Image belongs to Creature Comforts

Image belongs to Creature Comforts

Paper to Petal Book Giveaway by Creature Comforts Blog – Ez Pudewa, who founded Creature Comforts Blog, is offering this paper flower crafting book by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell on her blog today. All you need to do is leave a comment on the post explaining how you would use the book and leave your name and email address so you can be contacted if you win. She will even pay the shipping! The Giveaway ends 10/3/13 so hurry on over there and check it out!

Image belongs to burlap & blue

Image belongs to burlap & blue

Mod Podge Giveaway from burlap and blue – Linda from burlap and blue has teamed up with Amy Anderson from Mod Podge Rocks to offer this awesome giveaway! I started using Mod Podge a little while ago, and I have never looked back. This Giveafway includes the book Mod Podge Rocks, Linda’s favorite formula and a sample pack. I bought an even smaller sample pack a few months ago, and all of it is gone already. Oops. So, if you love Mod Podge as much as I do, you have four more days to enter!

Image belongs to Blue Skies Shop

Free Dress Giveaway from Potholes & Pantyhose – Rebekah from Potholes & Panythose has hooked up with Blue Skies Shop to offer this awesome dress giveaway. This was my favorite dress from their collection, and it’s $48 – not too shabby! I agree with Rebekah that it’s really hard to find a dress that fits right. I usually go with skirts and tops since I’m my top half is a lot smaller than my bottom. I’ve used her website before for tutorials and crafting, so even if you’re not into this giveaway, you should check her out. BUT if you are into the Giveaway…then go enter. You only have 3 days left.

Instagram Giveaways (These Giveaways are only on Instagram. Trust me, I checked. If you do have Instagram, follow all of these shops. They’re totally worth it. Then enter the Giveaway. If you’re not on Instagram, I would strongly urge you to give it a shot).

Image belongs to lovedbyhannahandeli

Image belongs to lovedbyhannahandeli

Fall Woodland GiveawayI found this giveaway on the profile of @lovedbyhannahandeli on my Instagram. It features a whole bunch of awesome shops – Slyfox Threads, potluck store,  little big fabric, Sugarplum Lane Baby Boutique, Paper and Pleats and lovedbyhannahandeli, all run by awesome people. I checked out (and followed, of course) everyone on this Giveaway, and seriously…who needs to go to the store when you have all of this? From what I can tell, the majority (if not all) of these designers are moms who own their own businesses. You all know how much I love that.

Image belongs to CocoPress

Image belongs to CocoPress

Hand-printed Card Giveaway from CocoPress – CocoPress is offering a set of letterpress cards in this awesome giveaway. You can also check out her awesome Etsy shop for more beautiful stationary. Everything is hand-printed and made in her home studio. The Giveaway is over tomorrow, so if you have Instagram, hurry over!

Every Giveaway, tutorial and recipe I share with you is approved by me. I don’t share anything that I wouldn’t enter or use myself. I will never promote a Giveaway that requires you to do anything out of the ordinary, like cut off your right arm. Nothing is worth your right arm…except your right arm. I am not compensated for any of this. I just love to share awesome stuff that I find. If you are running a Giveaway, please feel free to share in the comments and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #staythrifty. Follow me on Pinterest for more Thrifty Thursday inspiration. And, as always, stay thrifty my friends.

Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites

Remember the good ol days before Pinterest? When buying a card and a gift was sufficient enough for Mothers/Fathers Day? While Pinterest is my knowledgeable friend, the only thing in my life that I can count on to give me an awesome design tutorial while planning out my meals for the next – oh, I don’t know – year, it can be a little overwhelming. There are gift ideas for every holiday and I feel compelled to make the best present of the century.

And sometimes my projects fall apart, then I end up with nothing when the day comes. Because, as it would seem, I am incapable of working on anything until I only have a couple hours left to do it. Since this Fathers Day will be full of so many amazing fathers, I figured I needed to get a head-start on the gifts. So…here are my favorite DIY Fathers Day gift ideas!

LetterBlocks_DAD3Photo belongs to Stories by Me

Letter Blocks for Dad tutorial from Stories by Me: (found through Mod Podge Rocks) A good tutorial on how to make personalized blocks for the dad in your life. These don’t have to be for just Fathers Day either. They can be used for Christmas, Birthdays or for any reason you feel like making them. Thinking of actually making some with Cecilia’s initials for her room. How cute would that be! The site also has tutorials and classes to learn how to do other projects like this.

P1030392Photo belongs to Bargain Hoot

Scrabble word letter art tutorial from Bargain Hoot. Rene’ from Bargain Hoot uses a blank background, but you can also check out the tutorial from Just Another Day in Paradise, that uses a picture in the background. I know one very awesome dad who would love a picture of him and his very awesome baby in a frame like this 🙂

free-printable-hostess-fathers-day-gift-hot-saucePhoto belongs to Giver’s Log

Homemade Hot Sauce tutorial from Giver’s Log. AmberLee not only shares a recipe for hot sauce that she got from CITYMAMA, she also shares free printables to put on the jars. It’s a great idea for not only our awesome dads but for anyone who is awesome and loves hot sauce. Like me. I love hot sauce.

chalkboard_mug2Photo belongs to Wit & Whistle

Chalkboard mug tutorial by Wit & Whistle. I have referenced this site a few times before for cool tutorials, so I already know how awesome it is. Again, this mug is not only for Fathers Day, but could really be used for anything. Since all of the fathers in my life drink coffee, I can sure that at least one – if not, all – will get a mug!

grandpa-gift1Photo belongs to The Mombot

BBQ Kit by The Mombot. Another awesome site that I never saw until now. All the fathers in my family love to man the BBQ. I’m a pretty lucky girl, to say the least. They all would love this kit, and maybe I could even screen print a photo of Cecilia on the apron. I pretty much want to screen print a picture of Cecilia on everything I see. Oh, you got a new hand towel? Cool. Do you mind if I screen print my daughter’s face on it? It’s pretty much like that.

If you haven’t started working on the Fathers Day gifts yet, I hope this gives you a push in whichever direction you choose. Like always, feel free to follow my Pinterest for even more Fathers Day ideas! If you have any tutorials or projects you would like to share, post them in the pictures! If you are making any gifts, use #diyfathersday on Instagram, Twitter, or what the heck, both!