Gettin fit: journey to the skirt/ 365 days of yoga

Current weight: 154

Goal for this week: No soda (replace with tea)/ Yoga practice in the morning

journey to the skirt

So, my soda intake went down significantly this past week. I have this insane obsession with Arnold Palmers, so I just made sure I had enough of those to last me and I did pretty good. I only had a soft drink when we went out to eat, which seems to be my biggest challenge. To make this a little more fun and interesting, I did some research and found some good iced teas to make at home. This will be a lot cheaper than stocking up on Arnold Palmers, and probably a lot better for me.

Since the weather is getting warmer, I thought everyone could benefit from a few iced tea recipes. So here they are!

peach-iced-tea-3Peach iced tea recipe, from No. 2 Pencil

Now, she uses baking soda in her recipe, which I have never heard of before. But I am down to give it a shot!

Homemade-Mango-Iced-Tea-Recipe-009-1024x690Homemade mango iced tea recipe, from Nosh My Way

That recipe doesn’t use sugar, which is good

hb2Mint iced tea recipe, by Le Zoe Musings

Let me just say, I love this blogger. She has been a supporter of my blog from the very beginning and I just love looking at her site. It’s so beautiful. I’m definitely going to try out this recipe, and maybe she’ll even let me write about her for Yo Momma Monday.

Now on to the exercise portion of my goal: YOGA!!! I started yoga when I took a yoga class during my first year of college (that was approximately 12 years ago) and I have practiced it on and off since then. I just love the feeling that I get from it, and I think it will help me get toned and generally help me become more fit. So, to get me back in the habit of praciticing daily, I have made it a goal to practice it once a day for this week. I’m hoping to work my way up to three times a day.

To help motivate me a little more, I’ve decided to start a “365 days of yoga” Challenge. I will take a picture of something yoga related every day and will post it on Instagram using #365daysofyoga. I’ll also post the pictures on my blog and social media sites. If you want to join me, just hashtag that and we can all see what everyone is doing. I think it will be a lot of fun and will help me to stay motivated. The challenge starts tomorrow.

Right now, I’m working on this yoga sequence and I will post a new one each Wednesday:

morning-sequenceI found this little goodie at Enjoy Life::Live Healthy

I don’t think that site is really being maintained since the last post was from last year, but the blog author got that sequence from MindBodyGreen, another site worth checking out if you’re interested in yoga.

If you want to join in the 365 days of yoga challenge, check out my Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram for more information/motivation.

If you know of any tea recipes or yoga sequences, please post them in the comments!