Creative Business Journey: Project 2014 (Week two)

Image from Oh My! Handmade Goodness

Image from Oh My! Handmade Goodness

It’s the second week into Project 2014 at Oh My! Handmade Goodness, and I am loving it. I have an Accountability buddy named Lenore, who runs A Small Bird Designs. You can read more about her Project 2014 journey here and here. She is a freelance graphic designer and we are both working on some ginormous projects, so I think we will both be a huge help to each other.

I know I talked about my plans for this month, but I wanted to focus on a specific goal for the week. Finally complete a design board for my blog! I have some ideas of what I want it to look like, and now it’s time to really pinpoint what I want. And I wanted to share my inspiration with you!


Image from Henry Happened

Image from Henry Happened

I don’t remember why I landed upon Henry Happened. I don’t remember if it was a tutorial, a recipe, or some sort of handmade fashion tip. What I do remember, is how beautiful and simple the theme is. I love how each category has a hand-drawn symbol, and I love how all the posts are visually categorized. It really excites me and makes me want to look for more. And I want people to feel that way when they happen upon my blog – I want them to feel like they found a magical land that they must explore.


Image from Design Seeds

Image from Design Seeds

If you are into design at all, and you haven’t been to Design Seeds yet, you should probably visit. I am always so inspired by how Jessica can create an entire color palette from one object or photo. You can get the code for each color, so you can use that color in your design work and you can also adjust the colors by adjusting the RGB values. It is quite honestly one of the most resourceful sites I have found since I started caring about design. I love the color palette above because it’s rustic and includes my favorite color – teal! It’s bold yet not obtrusive.


Image from Betty Red Designs

Image from Betty Red Design

I absolutely love the cursive font in this design, probably because that is exactly how I write in cursive. I would love to use a font like this as my header, and I could probably even write it myself, scan it into my computer and incorporate it in my design. That seems a lot easier than searching all over for the font. Betty Red Design is an amazing site too, by the way.

Now, it’s time to work all of these into a design board. I can’t wait to see what Amy from Amy is the Party comes up with! So far, she is the only person I have trusted to touch my blog besides me (no pressure or anything), so it’s all very exciting! I also found a new site while hanging around Lenore’s website – XO Sarah is run by a designer who also focuses on helping bloggers and small business grow their businesses. Check out her Ebook and WordPress plugins for small businesses.

What are your major goals for your business this week? Anything specific you are working on, or is there an ongoing goal that you are chipping away at? Let’s talk about it. I would love to work on our projects together, and be sure to check out Lenore’s site, too!

My Creative Business Journey

creative business journey

A few years ago, a friend told me that she wanted to get into food photography. I chuckled to myself a little because I could not imagine for the life of me how hard food photography would be. I previously worked at Picture People where my subjects were constantly moving, crying, screaming, sneezing, coughing, everything. How hard would it be to take a picture of food? It just sits there.

In the last few weeks or so, my view of food and product photography has been quite the opposite. When you’re selling photos of children to their parents, your main focus is to make sure the photo is centered, the lighting is good, and the child looks halfway decent. But when you’re trying to emphasize how special and amazing your products or the cookies you made are through photos, it can be tough to make a person feel connected enough to want more. Really tough.

I have been setting up makeshift photo studios in my kitchen, my living room and the baby’s room/office, driving my family crazy. I spend countless hours in front of my computer, trying to make something of what I have. I have all of these amazing editing programs because of my school, and I can’t figure out how to use any of them.

I just want a sharper photo and a plain white background. Is that really to much to ask?! Apparently, yes. I look at all of these amazing blogs with all of these amazing photos, and sometimes I just want to break down and cry. That may be a little over the top, but I know there is something I’m missing.

I was at the point where I wasn’t going to post anything today, just so I could work on editing my photos but I figured this would be a good time to seek advice from anyone who has gone down the same road before. So, while I try to make any sense out of Photoshop right now…I have this to ask of you.

What photo tutorials have you used that you find the most helpful? What are your favorite photo editing programs and why? And how the hell can I remove my ugly background? I’m going to check out my favorite blogs for inspiration and will share the tutorials I find the most useful. But in the meantime…help!