Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

I love getting a new calendar and/or planner! While I have plenty of devices that are more than capable to track all of my important dates and ideas, I am not yet trained in relying completely on my phone. I just have this crazy concept that I am able to think better when I am writing on something in front of me rather than on my phone. And I like to make little notes and goals…so it just works better that way.

It never really occurred to me that I could create my own calendars until recently, and now I have found plenty of awesome calendars that you can create and personalize yourself! I am most definitely going to work on a calendar and can’t wait to share mine with you! Here are some ideas to get your creative juices going:

Photo from Our Collective

Photo from Our Collective

This calendar from Our Collective is simple and classic, and you can use your own photos for the graphics. You can get the calendar template by clicking on the photo or the link above and clicking on the “free calendar” tab. Once downloaded, you will receive 12 .psd templates (one for each month) and instructions. They also share an awesome idea for reusing your CD cases to hold the calendars!

Photo from Going Home to Roost

Photo from Going Home to Roost

Use your Instagram photos to create this calendar from Going Home to Roost. Just click on the photo or the link to be directed to her website in order to download the template. You will be given three different file types: .png, .pdf and .eps, depending on how much you want to edit. Don’t want to use your own photos? Then download and print hers!

Photo from Poppytalk

Photo from Poppytalk

Now, in order to complete this project, you will need to purchase the 2014 Stitch the Stars calendar set from Heather Lins for $25. So, it’s not free, but it’s worth the same amount of money that you would spend on any other calendar. And this one allows you to use a little creativity! She also offers a Year in Stitches calendar kit, but that one is unfortunately sold out ūüė¶ Find out more about this project on Poppytalk.

Don’t feel like doing the work…or paying for a calendar? I ain’t mad at ya. Here are some free calendars with all the work done for you!

Photo from The Elli Blog

Photo from The Elli Blog

Download and print out this FREE 2014 calendar on The Elli Blog. I love this calendar because it’s simple and also has enough space to write down important dates and put your notes on the other side. She says to print on white cardstock, but hey…I say get crazy and print it on any card stock you want! Lots of good DIY projects and tutorials on this site!

Photo from Eat Drink Chic

Photo from Eat Drink Chic

I absolutely love this calendar from Eat Drink Chic! It’s fun and colorful, the only downside is that it really makes want some chocolate the moment I look at it! I would love to print this out and put it in the kitchen – which I think I just might do! You can circle or put little markers by the important dates, and I already know a couple people who would love to get this as a little gift!

So if you are like me and still don’t have a good calendar, don’t worry. You’re only two days into the new year and these projects are simple and easy! Have a DIY calendar you want to share, or did you complete one of these projects and show off what you did? Post the link in the comments and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +. Find more thrifty inspiration on my Pinterest!

Weekly Wishes: New Years Edition

IMG_1040 copy

I have given a lot of thought of what I want to accomplish next year. Goals I have made for myself, for my blog and for my two businesses. While I would love to blog and make stuff just for the pure fun of it, mama needs some money! And after applying to 20+ work-from-home jobs in the last couple weeks, I have determined that the only way I will make money is if I do it myself.

I figured this post would be the perfect way for me to share my goals and manifesto for 2014. I will be writing a health and business manifesto later this week, but this is my jump-start. This will cover all aspects of my life.

Goals for 2014:

  • Make at least $1,000/month
  • Make all of my food from scratch, eat clean. Get an awesome garden going
  • Learn to sew like a badass
  • Learn to knit on my own
  • Learn to screen print like a badass
  • Make a ton of candles
  • Start making my own graphics

How I will do it:

  • Start working on my projects and selling what I can. Work on getting sponsors on my blog and kick Baby Burrito Collective into high gear
  • Grocery shopping once a week and visiting farmers markets as often as I can. Make all the big stuff on Sundays and use it throughout the week. If I do eat out, choose food that is as clean as it gets. I have noticed how slumpy I get after eating poorly, and I don’t like it! I also need to work out and practice yoga at least one hour per day. Plant my garden before school starts so I can get all the hard work done before my life is dedicated to my homework.
  • Right now, I have so many sewing projects…that will the perfect way to start sewing! Then, I can do knitting, screen printing and candle making as the projects arise.
  • Work on one graphic/illustration per week. Tweak it until I love it. Then add it to my portfolio and start building on that.

So, my manifesto for this year is summed up in one word: DO. Stop thinking about everything I want and need to do, and just DO. Let go of anything that is holding me back from achieving my goals and just DO them. I will either succeed or fail, and that is all dependent on me.

What are your goals for 2014? Do you write them in a journal and keep them to yourself or do you share them? If you choose to post your goals online, please share the link in the comments and if you’re social, share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +. You can connect with the Weekly Wishes link-up on The Nectar Collective.

Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites

I’ve had my blog for over a year now, and it has been through a lot of design changes. Some were made public, and some just didn’t make the cut. The blog design I have right now is by far my most favorite design. I think it’s super cute and extremely user-friendly. However, I want a more personalized design. At some point, I want to design my own blog and websites, but for now…I need to leave the creativity in someone else’s hands.

Anytime I see a cute blog that I like, I always look up the theme and/or designer, if the blogger employed one. I used to keep a list, but that list has since disappeared. So, I did what any sane person would do, and looked up blog design on Pinterest. It’s kind of insane all the stuff that’s out there. I’ll be talking about blog design more in the future, but for now…these are some of my favorite designers.

Image belongs to Maiedae

Image belongs to Maiedae

Maiedae was founded in 2010 by Jenny Highsmith and Savannah Wallace and became a co-ownership in 2011. They are best friends who met in college and ultimately decided to start their small business together. At first, they offered handmade items, but decided to go the design route, and now they offer web design, blog design and branding packages. They recently launched the Maiedae mixer – a networking event in the southeast region – and The Brand Market – a workshop for creative entrepreneurs. I think I love them.

Image belongs to Deluxemodern

Image belongs to Deluxemodern

Deluxemodern is the beautiful brainchild of Christine, who had this to say about starting her own design company: “if you’re not obsessed, forget it.” I think that can be said about anything that takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but is totally worth it if you love it. She offers both one-of-a-kind and starter logos, branding, blog kits, social media kits, backgrounds and kits. So, basically anything you want.

Image belongs to Smitten Blog Designs

Image belongs to Smitten Blog Designs

Smitten Blog Designs is out of Portland, OR and is comprised of seven lovely ladies who all happen to be designers. They started offering free blogger templates in 2008, and after receiving so many custom requests, they started designing custom blogs. They not only offer templates for both wordpress and blogger, but they also offer logos, print design and even free printables. Right now, they have a special going where returning customers get $5 off their purchase of $50 or more. You can follow their blog for more specials and updates.

Image belongs to The Weaver House

Image belongs to The Weaver House

The Weaver House was founded by twin sisters Kelty and Hannah. So, here is everything they offer, from what I can tell. I’m kind of information overload right now. They have an online shop where they sell vintage shoes, jewelry, paper and dresses. I think they make the prints by hand from vintage magazines and images they have found. They also offer photography and graphic design services, where they will either create the entire graphic design project for you, or do small custom projects, whichever you fancy. In their off time (as if they have “off time”), Kelty runs Working Theory Farms with her husband and Hannah makes funny holiday videos with her husband. Got all that?

To say that this little journey has been inspirational would be a huge understatement. The way I felt looking through all of the portfolios has proven to me that I took the right step in attending design school, and that blogging is what I am supposed to be doing. I’m so amazed that there are some many creative people out there, and that a lot of them live in Portland, apparently. I’ve been wanting to visit Portland for so long, and now I feel like it’s a necessity. But for now, I’m going to take a nap. Do you have an amazing blog design that you want to share? Perhaps you’re a blog designer and want to show off your portfolio? Post in the comments and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #blogdesigns. You can find more of the blogs that inspire through Pinterest.

Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favoritesWhen I was a little (ok, sometimes even now), every song that came on the radio was my FAVORITE song. I put that in all capital letters because that was how intense my love for each song was. Then I would tell everyone to be quiet because it was my favorite song, and I would continue to talk through the entire song.

This is how I feel when I look at fonts. Every font I look at, I like more than the last font. It’s a good thing I have a baby who requires the majority of my attention because I could spend an entire day looking at fonts.

So, why fonts?

When I first attended college, I knew exactly what I wanted to do – I was going to be a journalist. I would start small at a local paper, then some day, I would be writing for a big ol magazine. First, it was National Geographic. Then I realized I would have to be out in the jungle for extended periods of time, and that dream suddenly died.

When I returned to college after I lost my job, the newspaper business was on its death bed and all of my friends who were in my newspaper class back in 2005 had already lost their jobs and were all in the same boat…freelance.

So I decided to start my own blog. And I wanted to design it. And hopefully some day, I would start designing other people’s websites and blogs. And then hey, while I was at it, maybe I could design my own clothes. And then other people’s clothes.

There was one little issue. I didn’t know the first thing about design.

Image from Click on picture for website

Image from

So, I signed up for a typography class through Skillshare. And then I met the wide, wide world of typography. Hoping to get some inspiration for the class, I did what any other normal person would do and got on Pinterest. There, I opened Pandora’s box of typography.

I had NO idea how many typography tutorial sites there were. Here are my five of my favorites:

Create-a-Tasty-3D-Typographic-Illustration1. Wonderful typography tutorials for finest designers, by tutorial lounge. I counted twenty-five different tutorials for designers, in both Photoshop and Illustrator. The tutorials range from designing posters, to making portraits out of words. Definitely a good place to start.

chalkboard-howto2. How to fake a chalkboard effect in Photoshop, by foolish fire. Like the chalkboard effect as much as I do? Yeah, I thought you did. Even if you don’t, someone else does. And you could share it with them.

Cool-Wet-Ink-Typography-Effect-in-Photoshop3. 33 best typography tutorials, from graphicalerts. I like it when sites give you a variety of tutorials. If you’re in the market for a specific font or graphic, then sure, it’s good to find one that is specific to that. If you’re like me and just getting into this, it’s good to have a variety to choose from.spiff-guide-vert2

4. Beginners guide to spiffing up your hand lettering in photoshop, by foolish fire. Did foolish fire just become my new best friend? Step-by-step tutorial on making your letters look even more beautiful. Psh, if that was possible.

5. How to Create Custom Typography, by VectorLabTV. For those of you who are like me and need a visual demonstration, VectorLabTV has a bunch of tutorials that you can view on YouTube.

If this is the beginning of your typography adventure, then let the fun begin! Have any good typography tutorials to share? Please do so in the comments!

As always, you can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for more ideas and inspiration.