crafty time, day one

I am used to making crafts out of old vinyl records. However, I’m currently out of records and needed some inspiration for what my next project would be.

This is when I opened my trusty Big-Ass Book of Crafts and started looking for projects to do with the supplies and skills I already have, which are both pretty minimal.

The first project that I thought I would try is the “Random-Cut Paper Mask,” which you can find on page 15 if you have the book, or if you’re planning on buying it.

The supplies needed for this project were pretty simple, and I happened to have all of them. You just need some paper to have as your background and different colored 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper to use as your shapes.

You also need scissors, a glue stick and some frames.

So, I got out my supplies and got to work.




Step 1: Fold your paper in quarters and make a crazy design. It doesn’t matter what your design is, as long as it’s crazy.








Step 2: Here’s where I differed from the book (I’ll admit. I’m not the best at following directions.) The book said to cut around the shapes but I decided to cut the shapes out and therefore, got 2 different shapes.






Step 3: I cut out the “face” part from a different piece of colored paper. My “face” didn’t really look like a face but I figured, eh. That’s what art is about. It’s whatever you want it to be. And this is how I wanted my “face,” dang it!







Step 4: For the final step, I glued the black pieces to the paper and then glued the red on top of that. I wanted to add a little something, so I took one of my stamps and inked with my embossing ink pad then added some glitter.






Now all I need is a frame and my work is ready to put up! I might add a little something more to it, but for right now, I’ll stick with it.