Momma’s Garden Project: The beginning of the end


This is everything I pulled from my garden yesterday. To say my garden is a mess would be a huge understatement. I let it get away from me for a few weeks, and weeds took over everything. There are ants everywhere and it’s almost too much for me to maintain with the small amount of time I get to spend on it.

So, here is what I’ve learned from my first garden:

  • You don’t need to plant everything you see at the Nursery
  • One garden bed per new mom
  • Maybe don’t even start with garden beds. One garden pot per new mom
  • You don’t need an entire six-pack of peppers. Start with one pack.
  • Look at when it’s good to plant something
  • Think about what you actually eat and decide to start there

I am going to make hot sauce with most of the peppers and then dry the rest. But, it’s almost too consuming for me right now. I shouldn’t have taken on such a big garden for my first time, and I should have dedicated every Sunday to it, like I planned.

I’m going to pull what is left next weekend then I will probably take the plants down before the frost hits. I’m going to get the rest of my basil out now and make all my pesto, then maybe downsize to a smaller herb garden that I can put in front so it will be sheltered from the rain.

At least I can say that I was able to give a lot of family and friends gifts from my garden, and we haven’t bought tomatoes in a long, long time! It was an awesome learning experience and I’m so glad I started it. I have truly learned that to be good at anything, you need to put a lot of time into your practice. This will help me on so many levels, and I’m not sure I would have seen this so clearly if I had not started my garden.

The best part of it all – I can finally get into canning!

Momma’s garden project: week 3

Now that the garden has been successfully relocated to the backyard, the “ghetto” doesn’t really fit anymore. So for now I will call it my garden project. My dad made two garden beds and installed a drip system for watering the plants. We moved the majority of the plants to the beds and left most of the herbs in the planters.

DSC06148I have a bed dedicated to tomatoes, and two tomato plants still in planters. I’m waiting for a variety of tomatoes to fill up the tomato bed. In the other bed, I have lettuce, spinach, five different hot peppers, banana peppers and broccoli. Outside of that bed, I planted cilantro and onion. I need to move the onion so that they are all planted separately and will have room to grow. In the other planters, I have parsley, thyme and rosemary. Then, I have a planter for mint and a planter for basil.

NeDSC06160xt, I’m going to build a garden bed for Cecilia out of the fencing wood we have in the backyard so I can keep all the vegetables I’m growing for her in that bed. I need to get some cucumber and asparagus to grow and I still need to plant the potatoes. Finally, I need to plant some pumpkin. I could use the heck out of some pumpkin.

Now, I’m looking into starting a compost.


All pictures were taken by Patricia Branham