Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites

I’ve always been into arts and crafts, but I didn’t get seriously into it until I was pregnant and was left in an apartment with nothing to do and big ol craft closet just waiting to be torn apart. That’s around the time that I purchased my very first crafting book, Big Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano. After I realized all of the wonderful things I can do, my imagination went crazy.


Being a devout follower of A Beautiful Mess, I saw that Elsie and Emma, who run the site, have come out with a new book.

Image belongs to A Beautiful Mess

Image belongs to A Beautiful Mess

This got me thinking about all the other cool arts and crafts book that are out there, that I have just totally missed the boat on. Here are some of my favorites.


Photo belongs to Lauren Elise Donaldson

Mason Jar Crafts from Lauren Elise Donaldson – The only thing that I love more than finding a good book is finding a wonderful blog that is attached to it. Luckily, Lauren has come through with two blogs that are equally amazing. She has Lauren Elise Crafted, where she shares her crafts and love for design and styling. Her other blog, Cottage Journal, is more writings and photography about her home life.

Image belongs to Cicada Publishing

Image belongs to Cicada Publishing

State of Craft by Victoria Woodcock – This book is handled by Cicada Publishing, a publishing company that handles art, design and craft books. They also published the book You’re Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy by Abbey Hendrickson, which looks like an awesome read.

The last two books are from the Design*Sponge 2011 gift guide. Obviously, I’m a little behind in this craft book craze.

Image belongs to Paper & Cup

Image belongs to Paper & Cup

Paper + Craft by Minhee and Truman Cho – Minhee and Truman Cho are the creative minds behind Paper+Cup, and also co-wrote this awesome craft book. They are a stationary and design studio that was based in New York, but they recently moved to Paris and share all their inspiration in their online sketchbook.¬† If you haven’t checked them out yet, you definitely should.

Image belongs to Christine Schmidt

Image belongs to Christine Schmidt

Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt – Christine Schmidt also runs Yellow Owl Workshop, her brand that sells eco-friendly handmade goods, including greeting cards and stamps. She also offers a kit for carving your own stamps and she sells stamp sets that say “from the garden,” which I’m pretty sure I need. I think this site might get me in some trouble.

So, I’m feeling pretty good about this list of books. I would buy each and every one of these books, and chances are, I probably will sometime in the near future. If you know of any cool craft books that you feel need some attention, share them in the comments and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #craftbooks.

Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites

Newsflash: It’s freaking hot. I literally have every light off in the house, and I have the swamp cooler and every fan in the house going. Sound like a little much? Well, my baby runs super hot and she gets angry when she’s hot so I have to keep the house super cool for her. She is a princess, after all.

On top of this, my hair is at that awkward stage where it’s growing out from being super short, but if I try to put it in a pony tail, it will eventually fall out since there’s not enough hair that will fit in the pony. Life is complicated! I have threatened to shave it off, especially since Cecilia keeps pulling at it, but then Sam threatened to tuck in his shirt 24/7 if I do that, so I would rather not.

So, I have been checking out hair wraps to help keep my hair up and cute. I know it will be a matter of time until Cecilia will pull it off my head, but I’m ready for a challenge. So, without further delay, here are my favorite hair wrap inspirations:


Image belongs to More Design Please

DIY Summertime Hair Wraps from More Design Please – This tutorial is from one of my favorite blogs, and I love how she did it! When I got the beloved Pinterest, this was one of the very first things I pinned….and I’m so happy that I finally get to share it in my blog! I know it would work if I had my hair up in a ponytail…my only challenge would be keeping Cecilia away from it. Which I already know isn’t going to happen.


Image property of All Things Lovely

How to Tie a Head Wrap from All Things Lovely – This tutorial shows you how to do head wraps for both long and short hair. I could be down with something like this and it looks like it might even be hard for the baby to unravel, but who knows with that crazy strong baby.


Image belongs to Free People

Four Easy Ways to Wear Scarves by Free People РSo, these girls all have long hair, but you could certainly modify if you have short hair. This post also includes a video tutorial, so if you click on the Free People link or on the picture, you will be directed to the post, where you can check out the video.

Don’t feel like doing your own head scarf? I feel you, and I totally understand. Here are two cute hair wraps that I found on Etsy:


Image belongs to EcoShag

My Victorian Heart Hair Wrap from EcoShag – This hair wrap is $20.50 and it is handmade and eco-friendly (plus and plus). Tania has 41 hair wraps in her Etsy shop, and they are all worth checking out. Portions of her proceeds go to to honor her sister and So, if you’re feeling like buying a hair wrap and supporting small business, visit her shop!


Image belongs to ThreeBirdNest

Blue Aztec Print Cotton Headband from ThreeBirdNest – There are a BUNCH of cute things for your head in her shop, which includes 105 hairbands and head wraps. It’s all homemade and the owner said that her shop is pet and smoke free. I never thought about how nasty it would be to get something from Etsy and it came smelling like cigarette smoke! Gross! Now, I used to be a smoker….but still…I would be pissed even if I smoked. I digress…this is definitely a cute shop and worth visiting!

Do you make head wraps and want to promote your stuff? Do you have a head wrap tutorial you want to share? Post in the comments below or share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #headwrapitup. For more hair wrap inspiration, check out my Pinterest!

Keep cool! Really…keep yourself cool.

Fridays are for Favorites


I’ve been so focused on my garden and food lately that I forgot about one of my greatest loves, crafting! Tomorrow is my designated crafting day (yes, I have to designate crafting days) and since I have a lot of screen printing to get done, I figured I would start working on that this weekend.

I was lucky enough to get a Yudu machine for Christmas a few years ago, but I have yet to learn how to use it. I’m going to try working with the machine tomorrow, but I also wanted to know how to screen print on my own, just in case the machine and I do not agree.

Here are some of my favorite tutorials.

screen print tutorials

1. Screenprinting Tutorial – Nerdy by Nature, by daogreer earth works. This tutorial uses a canvas, which I haven’t seen too much before. So if you have some canvas lying around, this would be a good tutorial to check out. She gives you step by step instructions, it’s lengthy but very useful.

2. DIY screen printing tutorial, by paper raindrops. This one uses nylon for the screen and mod podge. Inna, the creator of the site and tutorial said it’s good for words and pictures but to keep it simple.

3. Stencil screenprinting tutorial, by Flower Press. This is for the artist/illustrator, which I am not right now. But this would definitely be something I want to check out when I get better at that kind of stuff. For now, I’ll stick to simply printing out my designs.

4. DIY Screenprinted Tee tutorial, by Lovely Indeed. Not everyone has screen printing ink or wants to go get it. So if that’s you, check out this tutorial. It looks relatively easy, and came out super cute! I have all the materials so I’ll need to check it out tomorrow.

5. Valentines day: heartbreaker tees, by Handmade Home. Jamin and Ashley, the creators of the page and tutorials, used freezer paper to screen print “Heatbreaker” on tees for their children on Valentines day. This is a simple tutorial that you don’t need a lot of materials for, so if you have freezer paper, this is one to check out.

My friend who has her own little screen printing thing going lives by Speedball, which you can get a starter kit of on Amazon. You can also find eco-friendly screen printing ink at

And if you want to find out how to make those scrabble squares, you can get the tutorial from

If you have any screen printing tutorials to share, please do so in the comments! Hope you print some awesome stuff!

Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites 4-12

So, I’m trying a little something new. I’ve always wanted to learn how to create a Photoshop photo collage, and with the help of Pugly Pixel, I was finally able to create one! Woo hoo! Now, this is my first collage so don’t judge too hard. Today’s list of favorites is surprisingly not from Pinterest (hey, there’s a first time for everything). It’s actually from Etsy.

I realized how little I use my Etsy account and what rad stuff they have there. Today, I looked up eco-friendly and voila! All these cool little shops appeared out of nowhere. I always hear complaints about how expensive their clothes are but they’re not really different than any other shop I’ve seen online, and they make you feel all good and warm inside.

So, after perusing for a good couple of hours (in between feedings, burpings, and playing), here are some of my favorite eco-friendly shops on Etsy.

photo collage

1. KindLabel – All of the clothes are made by graphic designer Stacy Lauren, who works alongside her dog. Sales from the clothes support Humane Society of the US, Fender Music Foundation, and The Adventure Project.

2. Enter The Sun – Owner and designer Janelle Warren started making jewelry in her vegetable oil-powered van. Her studio has moved from the van to her apartment and she has broadened her design horizons by making clothes as well.

3. nicandthenewfie – Nicola and Bren are a couple who make everything, from handprinted clothing, to reclaimed wooden clocks. They sell their clothes on the streets of NYC, but live and work together in Connecticut.

4. Wisher21– Cool family-run handmade clothing company. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to buy that shirt for Cecilia for when she gets a little older.

5. TrashN2Tees – Really cool clothing and accessories, all made from recycled items. The shop owner said that the clothing line has stopped over 20 tons of clothing from ending up in a landfill.

If you know of any eco-friendly companies worth checking out, please mention them in the comments below and happy shopping! Thank you again to Katrina of Pugly Pixel for the cool tutorial! Your site is amazing.