Weekly Wishes #8


weekly wishes 8Since my daughter has learned to walk, she has also learned to scoot her way off of anything she can scoot off – laps, our couch and sometimes even arms. So when she cried every time I put her down, I knew something was up. Turns out she was sick – and has been since last Wednesday. Therefore – my life has been full of cuddling, hugging, comforting, sleeping and doing homework, making gifts and cleaning when she naps.

This little break from blogging and social media has been refreshing and has given me a good outlook on what I want my life to be. I tend to sign myself up for every creative project under the sun, only to feel beaten down and exhausted when I never seem to get the results I want from them. This has seriously effected my wishes for this week.

Let’s just say that I did not get any of my wishes done last week. But I’m not going to worry about it. I had a little one who needed me more than anything else did. Now that she’s feeling better, it’s a whole new week. My business and fitness goals will clearly have to wait until after Christmas because making gifts at home is a whole lot more work than I thought. But it has pushed me to be creative every day, and I love it.

This week:

Tuesday: Finish Addie and Elena’s gifts (painting – my absolute favorite!). Get them wrapped and ready to go!

Wednesday: Finish my parents gifts (trying something new for my very first time. I’m excited to share my project after Christmas). Get those bad boys ready to go!

Thursday: Start canning (apple butter, pumpkin butter and sugar-free jam for my brother!). Start working on the rest of Sadie’s and Jackson’s gifts (screen printing – my other favorite!)

Friday: Do finishing touches on gifts that need them. Continue canning

Saturday: CANNING, CANNING and more CANNING! Finish the beanie.

Sunday: Make sure everything is wrapped and all of my canning is done.

Monday: Bake-a-thon (gingerbread cupcakes and a whole lot of cookies!) starts!

This list helps me put the week into perspective and by splitting up my projects like this, I think I can actually do it! My posts from now until the end of the season will be more Holiday inspired, since obviously that’s all on that’s on my mind right now.

Once all this is done, I will have a little more than a month off of school and I’m planning on working on my creative business ventures and really getting things done so I will not feel so overwhelmed when school starts. Less creative projects, more focus on the ones I already have.

So,  what are your weekly wishes? Write about them and link up to the Nectar Collective. You can also share them in the comments and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Here’s to hoping all of your holiday goals and wishes will be rewarded!

My first knitting project

Me in my way oversized beanie

Me in my way oversized beanie

Today I’m going to share my first knitting project with you as part of my participation in the Your First Knitting Project: Blog It to Win It contest through Interweave! Participants also get to choose up to five products they want in the hopes that they win, and here are my choices:

Image belongs to Interweave

Image belongs to Interweave

Intentional Printing $17.90

Image belongs to Interweave

Image belongs to Interweave

Paint, print, Layer, Collage $19.96

Image belongs to Interweave

Image belongs to Interweave

Screen filler and block out $10.99

Image belongs to Interweave

Image belongs to Interweave

Inktense pencil set $31.99

Image belongs to Interweave

Image belongs to Interweave

Handsewn $18.11

So, here is my story…

My poor mom. She tried so hard to get me interested in sewing and baking, but it never panned out. Ever. Until now. Now I wish I had all of that free experience at my fingertips, but I’ve always done things my own way. For some reason, the one craft that my mom taught me that actually caught on was knitting. I think it was because I could do it while watching TV, and I am a huge fan of attempting to multitask.

I really wanted to do a big, baggy beanie, so my helpful mom looked through ALL of her knitting books (she has A LOT) and we finally picked a beanie. She took me to the yarn store to choose my yarn and I started right away. I made all the rookie mistakes – picking up extra stitches and then dropping the ones I needed.

I would get frustrated and just put it down for a while, and once I came back to it, I was refreshed and ready to try again. That was one of the biggest lessons I learned from crafting – sometimes you just need to step away and revisit it later. I was really excited, and slightly relieved, when it was finally done.

I wore it every chance I got, and my friends had a lot of fun with it, too. As a result, it’s super stretched out now and is pretty much unwearable at this point. But I still keep it around, because it’s my first completed knitting project – and I just love it so much!

My mom can pretty much knit anything under the sun, and now that I am becoming more and more domesticated, I hope to learn some more from her and see what else I can make! I’m thinking scarves, mittens, pouches, and maybe even a beer koozie!

This post is for the Blog It to Win It contest through Interweave. You can enter the contest by clicking on the Interweave link. Share your post in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #firstknittingproject. Find more knitting inspiration on my Pinterest!