Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites

When I grow up, I want an art studio. And I want it in my gigantic garden that is bustling over and over with plants and flowers everywhere. I know that my dream will have to wait a while, at least until we have our own place, and until I have a backyard big enough to hold all of dreams.

Luckily, I have some time to plan for my most perfect garden shed art studio! I already know that it will have to be big enough to be a potting shed as well as an art studio and I will probably have to house all of Cecilia’s toys in there as well since we’ll be spending a lot of time in there.

I searched both Pinterest and Google to look for some inspiration, and sadly, I was only able to find two art sheds that really revved my engine, but all of the inspiration I gained from them is enough!

First off, we have this amazing garden shed art studio from Rob Mason Art:

Image belongs to Rob Mason Art

Image belongs to Rob Mason Art

Image belongs to Rob Mason Art

Image belongs to Rob Mason Art

Ok, so I might be aiming a little too high with this one. Obviously, he has some property and this is technically just a little larger than a garden (read: a lot larger) but it is packed full of inspiration and I could definitely do a smaller scale of this version.

Image belongs to Rob Mason Art

Image belongs to Rob Mason Art

This next shed is definitely more up my alley as far as size and location, and it is so gorgeous! This shed was featured on Offbeat Home and Life, a website dedicated to interesting living spaces, and one of my newfound favorite sites. I love the colors, the outside seating, and all of the decor. Everything is perfect.


Image belongs to Victoria Borondo

This beautiful shed belongs to Victoria from found and sewn, who makes new items out of vintage fabric and lace that she finds at flea markets, or wherever she happens upon them. Her Etsy shop is as beautiful as her quaint garden shed. No joke.


Image belongs to Victoria Borondo

Image belongs to Victoria Borondo

Image belongs to Victoria Borondo

(you can see her items hanging up on the wall, ready for their new homes)

 I hope these mini-tours were as inspirational to you as they were to me. If you know of any garden shed art studios, or if you are lucky enough to have your own, please share! You can post in the comments or share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #gardenartstudio. Check out more of my garden shed art studio inspiration on Pinterest!

Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure there is a book on literally every topic. With the introduction of e-books, there now appears to be an e-book on even more topics. And with the introduction of e-books, came the birth of free e-books. It’s insane what you can find a free e-book on: how to get your kids to love you, getting your kids to clean, probably one on getting the man in your life to lower the toilet seat when he’s done.

In this interesting land of free e-books, there are actually some pretty cool reads on crafting, gardening, starting your own business and more. But there are also some pretty lame ones, too. Like, I read a few e-books on planning a baby shower but couldn’t find one that fit my style. Basically, I didn’t want to plan the baby shower for my grandma.

So, I’ve picked some pretty cool e-books that are free, and actually cool and useful.


Image property of Cloth Paper Scissors

Art Studio Organization: Ideas and Projects for Storage, Design, and Decorating Your Art Studios from Cloth Paper Scissors. This book gives different projects for organizing and designing your art studio. According to this book, I can have a “mom cave.” I’m already interested.


Image property of Sew Daily

4 Free Easy Sewing Patterns: Easy Patterns for Beginners and all Sewists from Sew Daily: If you have ever purchased sewing patterns, you know how absolutely wonderful it is to get four free patterns! Includes patterns for an eye pillow and a bib.

Image property of Create and Connect project

Image property of Create and Connect Project

Build Your Dream Biz from Create and Connect Project: Free guide on how to build your online craft business with interviews from three big bloggers. This project was started by two businesswomen who wanted to work together, just not in cubicles anymore. They also offer different programs and services for helping your online business. Definitely worth checking out more than just the book.

Image belongs to Fave Crafts

Image belongs to Fave Crafts

Recycling Crafts: 42 Ways to Recycle from Fave Crafts: I found this book through Craft Gossip, which led me to the Fave Crafts site. The book is separated into seven different sections, based on what material you are using. If you like that book, they have a whole bunch of free e-books involving different crafts.

Do you have a free e-book you would like to share? Post in the comments!

Because I don’t like to be bored…

I’ve been interested in graphic design and web design for a while now. I really got into it when I was an editor at my college newspaper and I got to see the “behind the scenes” action of designing the paper. While writing has always been my true passion, the design bug was definitely planted that semester.

I also really got involved in the art scene in Sacramento last semester but that came to a screeching halt after I moved to Stockton. I wanted to remain involved but under my current circumstances, I couldn’t really do that. So I decided to start my own art collective. And that’s just what I did…dang it! I even created this graphic for it, which is a big deal for me.

I’m also still volunteering for Vox (a nonprofit art studio in Sacramento) and I plan on teaching some classes and hosting some DIY days there. If you’re in the Sacramento area, you should definitely check them out. Classes are relatively cheap and members can hang in the gallery for free!

I also started as an editorial intern at Yogi Times, an online yoga magazine where yoga enthusiasts can write articles, post press releases and write reviews on…pretty much anything related to yoga. It involves two of my favorite things…writing and yoga.

Last but most definitely not least, I am only one step away of achieving a goal of mine: attending the Academy of Arts! I have been saving their catalogs since high school, and I finally took the leap to attend the school. It will be all online so I can do it all from home, and I will be working on my degree in graphic design. I am beyond excited and I find out for sure in a couple of weeks!


It feels like everything is coming together and I am so excited to start these new adventures in my life. Are you taking a big leap this year? Are there any fun projects you are working on? Share your story in the comments!