Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites

Thursday marks the beginning of a brand new adventure for me. It will be scary, amazing, exciting and I’m sure a little exhausting. I’m starting design school, and I’m doing it all from home, while taking care of my super active 9 month old baby. Luckily, my little family has plenty experience with handling challenges, and we know how to operate on little to no sleep.

Since I will be doing all of my studying, homework and designs from home, I will need a whole lot of motivation, coffee and tools to keep me focused. Also hoping for a little babysitting help too, but I’ll start small. Here are some of my favorite things I found to keep my nose to the grind come September.

Image belongs to Dean's Beans

Image belongs to Dean’s Beans

Organic coffee from Dean’s Beans: Although I am a supporter of purchasing organic coffee and knowing where you get your coffee from, I usually cringe at the price tag attached to it. Alas, there is a savior for those of us who want to buy organic, but literally can’t shell out the big bucks for it. One lb is $8.59, which is half the price of a similar bag of Starbucks. You can also choose your own blends, and you can virtually meet the growers. And if you want to go full DIY style, you can even choose the “green” beans, and roast your own! Another thing I need to look into…home roasting!

Image belongs to Tara Fuller

Image belongs to Tara Fuller

Mood Boostin Yoga Moves from Life Without Bacon – I can already picture myself doing this before I delve into my study sessions, or if I need a little break from the computer. She offers all sorts of nutritional facts, workouts and stretches, and recipes, like The Ultimate Guide to Grilled Cheese, from Greatist (which also happens to be where she works…lucky).

Image belongs to Fry Sauce and Grits

Image belongs to Fry Sauce and Grits

Back to School playlist from Fry Sauce and Grits – I’ve come to realize that if you listen to a Pandora station long enough (sometimes it doesn’t even have to be that long), you will probably hear the same song played a few times, and you will definitely hear the same artist, especially if the station is created after that person/band. So, sometimes it’s nice to get a little taste of something different, even if I’ve heard it before. I know just about every artist on this list, but some are new to me.

Image belongs to Apartment Therapy

Image belongs to Apartment Therapy

Functional caddy on wheels from Apartment Therapy – Now, this photo is from a roundup of a roundup. Does that make sense? I first found it on a dorm room roundup on Decorator In a Box, which included this photo from a roundup of imaginative craft rooms, and from there I’m lost. I can’t seem to find the photo anywhere on Apartment Therapy, and I don’t want to be spending too much of my baby’s naptime on finding a photo. Nevertheless, it has given me an idea to get a caddy like this where we can put our computers when they’re not in use, and I can put all of my school supplies.

Something I’ve learned a long the way is that you cannot always control what’s going on around you. But, if you can control as much as you can, you will have a pretty good handle on things. I have no idea what tricks my baby will be up to starting next week, but now that I’ve got my coffee hookup, a new yoga routine, some good tunes and storage ideas, I’ll be armed and ready to start the school year. All I need now is for my books and supplies to come in! It’s like going back to school shopping, without leaving the house! I think my goal is to eventually never have to leave the house.

Whether you are returning to school, have children who are going back to school, or you have a few educational notches in your very worn belt, you know the feeling. Please feel free to share anything that helps you stay motivated, especially if it pertains to online school. I need all the help I can get! And of course, if you have any ideas for Fridays are for Favorites features, please share. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and share your ideas with the hashtag #notoocoolforschool

Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

It is very rare for me to not be attached to my computer or phone at any given time of day. As a work at home mom, I am always checking on something while I’m rocking my daughter or just hanging out on the couch. I barely ever check the clock for the time, because it’s always on the device of choice to which I am glued.

Here’s the thing, though. When you try to “multi-task,” you end up missing out on a lot. I’ll be watching TV and realize that I missed the entire show because I was looking up something on my phone/computer. So what else am I missing? I’ve decided that while I’m just hanging out with my daughter, I’m going to put the phone and computer down more often so I can become completely involved in what she’s doing.

The break from technology is nice, but how else do I know what time it is? By clocks, of course! So, here are some cute ideas for making a clock on your own. Now, I have tried making vinyl record clocks several times and the clock never worked for me, so hopefully this will give me some new ideas.

hexagon clock diy blog

Image belongs to U Create

DIY Hexagon Clock from Ucreate: This clock would be really cute in a craft room, or in a nursery/ kids room. And if you’re like me, your craft room happens to also be the nursery/kids room. You can use whatever colors you want for the fabric and you could probably even do one with old shirts.

Image belongs to Maker Mama

Thrifted Clock Redo, from Maker Mama: I was guided to this wonderful craft by Apartment Therapy. Have an old pot lid that is missing its respective pot or pan? Put it to good use by turning it into a clock. If you are missing the pan lid, you can find cute ones at any thrift or antique store or yard sale. You can also buy a clock kit, or take one from an old clock. This would be the perfect clock to have in your kitchen!

Image belongs to Tribal Times

Image belongs to Tribal Times

Silkscreened clock, from Tribal Times: This clock was made with a doily silkscreen, acrylic paint and an embroidery hoop. It’s another clock that would be cute in a craft/baby room and the entire tutorial is posted on her site. This would be fun to give as a homewarming gift too! Like, if I were to get a house, I would be happy to get this as a present.  This project was part of 10 DIY Clock Projects from Curbly. Check out that post for more inspiration and projects.


Image belongs to Ever Kelly

DIY Cuckoo Clock from Ever Kelly: Kelly Lee-Creel offers a free download for this cuckoo clock project. Now, we happen to have a lot of birdhouses here that aren’t being used, so I’m wondering if I could turn these into clocks! They would be cute to have around the house, in the front room perhaps. Not that you need a whole bunch of clocks in the front room – that might be a little weird. But if you have family or friends that live in a different time zone, you could set one for each time zone! How cute would that be. Super cute, if you ask me.


Image belongs to Epheriell Designs

My Button Clock, from Epheriell Designs. This clock is made with some fabric, an embroidery hoop, buttons, and of course, a clock kit. I happen to have a lot of beads left over from the 1000 times I tried to make bracelets and necklaces but it never worked out. I’m sure the beads would also work, but they aren’t flat so it might be hard to make them stick. I’ll have to check it out.

You can find more clock project inspirations on my Pinterest and you can also share your clock projects with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by posting a picture of your project and using #diyclock. Want to share a project on the blog? Just post in the comments!