Friday Finds: Sacramento Beer Edition

Oak Park is a community in Sacramento that has had its share of downfalls. In the early 1900s, the economy was booming there due to the strong community there and the proximity to the historic California State Fair site. By the 1960s, though, the community started to decline and poverty started to rise as a result of the freeway expansion. Families moved out to the suburbs and by the 80s and 90s, gang violence and street crime were daily occurrences.

So, when my good friend told me she was moving there, I was a little anxious. But as it turns out, the sense of community is coming back. There’s good coffee, good food, good clothes and of course, good beer. Last night, we went to Gather – a street festival in Oak Park – for the first time, and it was evident that Oak Park is definitely back on the rise. The street was lined with food vendors like Thai Basil and clothing vendors like Ana Apple, a local business I have followed for some time, and a craft beer selection that was curated by Beers in Sacramento.

Image from Beers in Sac

Image from Beers in Sac

I’m a little sad that I learned about Beers in Sacramento when I was well into my second pregnancy, but now that I think about it – that’s probably a good thing. It’s a relatively new app that serves as a guide to where craft beers are served around Sacramento. Their motto is “We find the beer so you don’t have to.” The app offers an interactive map and up-to-date beer event calendar.

Through their website, I learned of Farm to Glass CA: A short film from Beers in Sacramento that documents the push to bring hops back to CA, since the majority of hops are sourced elsewhere. The film features United Hop Farm – a farm in CA that supplies brewers with local hops


Image from Oak Park Brewing Company

While at Gather, we saw a few people walking around with Oak Park Brewing Company shirts on. Since Oak Park is such a small community and my friends and I had never seen such a place, we did some research (AKA: went on Facebook) and learned that it’s a new brewery, restaurant and beer garden that is opening in either late September or early October! They are renovating an old building that has been vacant for some time, and it will be a huge boost to both the Oak Park economy and community.

At this point in my life, I don’t drink to party and/or get drunk. I’m a huge craft beer advocate because I simply enjoy drinking good beer. And even though I’m taking a break for a while, I’m really excited to these new additions to the Sacramento craft beer scene.

What’s your favorite brewery in Sacramento? Have anything to share? Post in the comments and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramGoogle + and Pinterest!


Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites

Seeing that today is the first day of Summer, I suppose this means its swimsuit season. Yay….

I guess this means I really need to kick my butt into high gear and quit sneaking those soft drinks and chips. Dang it! To help inspire and motivate me some more, I’ve searched high and low on Etsy for some cute vintage bathing suits. I picked out some of my favorite stores that have more than one option for bathing suits. Keep in mind that these suits are vintage, so I’m sure they only have one or two sizes for each one.

I would also advise measuring yourself before purchasing the suits to make sure they fit you. While I hate trying on bathing suits in a store (not a HUGE fan of being surrounded by mirrors right now), it is nice to see how a suit fits you before purchasing it. Since you are not afforded this luxury, on Etsy, measure yourself first. What’s that saying? Measure twice, cut once? Well, measure twice, buy once!

Click the pictures to be directed to the swimsuit and click the link to be directed to the store.


Image belongs to Housewife Vintage

80s Black Mickey Mouse one piece from Housewife Vintage – This swimsuit comes in a M/L and they have several other vintage swimsuits to choose from if Mickey isn’t your style. It’s reasonably priced at $49 (trust me, I saw swimsuits for over $300!) and if you’re not in the market for a swimsuit, they have a lot of cute clothes and shoes. Even stuff for dudes!

Image property of Firegypsy Vintage

Image property of Firegypsy Vintage

Checkered one piece from Firegypsy Vintage – Super cute and feminine bathing suit by Bobbie Brooks that measures at 11/12 and sells for $35.91. There are a lot of other swimsuits and stuff to wear with the suit. Again, if you’re looking for stuff other than a bathing suit, they have a whole lot of cute vintage stuff!

Image belongs to Brown Cow Vintage

Image belongs to Brown Cow Vintage

1970s floral print one piece from Brown.Cow.Vintage – I’ve been looking for a bathing suit with boy shorts so this is just what I had in mind! It’s super affordable at $20 and fits like a Medium, according to the seller. She said that there is a little piling on the bottom of the suit but it’s still in good shape. There are over 100 dresses in this shop and a bunch of other cute vintage stuff!

Image belongs to Mamma's Chest

Image belongs to Mamma’s Chest

50s floral swimsuit from Mamma’s Chest – I am so in love with this swimsuit! It’s super cute, fun and a little sophisticated! I would feel really classy if I wore this swimsuit. The model is a size 8 and it costs $68, which is a good price for a swimsuit nowadays. Lots of cute vintage stuff in this store, including dresses, jewelry and even a clearance section!

Be sure to check out my Pinterest for more inspiration and share any cute suits you see by posting it in the comments! Do you sell cute vintage swimsuits? Share your store here!