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Hello! So nice of you to join me! Before I was a stay-at-home mom and blogger, I was a local music and arts journalist, but that all changed when I gave birth to my daughter in December, 2012. Now I hang out with my sidekick, craft, garden, cook and bake.

Since we are a one-paycheck kind of family, I have found a new passion in repurposing old items in our house, and refashioning old clothes into new. I find joy in thrifting, and going to any flea markets, yard sales and swap meets that are nearby. I love sharing any resources I find, and that sparked the idea for a series I created, “Thrifty Thursdays.”

My blog is where I share the progress of my very first garden and what crafts I’m working on. It’s where I share healthy recipes that my family will actually eat and ways to save money where you can. My readers range from people who love gardening, cost-conscious people, people who are crazy about their kitchens, and moms who are trying to fit healthy habits into their hectic lives.

My blog statistics are current as of Oct 9, 2013:

  • Unique Visitors per month: 1,939
  • Pageviews per month: 2,716
  • Social Media: Facebook fans: 227 | Twitter followers: 258 | Pinterest followers: 246 | Instagram followers: 136

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All inquiries can be made via e-mail at mamabecrafty@gmail.com or in the comments.


As a music and art journalist, I have a lot of writing experience. All of my articles are posted in my writing blog, printed stories. If you think my style is a good match, I would love to write for you! Any articles that are linked back to my blog are free. If it is something that won’t be linked back, I will charge a small fee, based on the length and the amount of research required. At this time, I’m not available to attend any events or travel for any articles.

I am currently a Contributing Writer at Savannah Attic and I write 2-3 articles a week for that blog.

All inquiries can be made via e-mail at mamabecrafty@gmail.com

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