Momma’s garden project, week 5

We have tomatoes!!! But we have a garden casualty. The strawberry that was in blossoming last week has now shriveled up and died. I do see a new one coming up though, so hopefully that one will start showing its colors soon. Since not a lot has changed, I’ll just share the pictures and keep the words to a minimum. Our compost is growing though! Can’t wait to use the soil for the next planting season.


Tomato plants




Little baby tomato!




Seeing the start of a new strawberry…


Veggies and herbs




Compost pile


Herbs and herbs and herbs…


Momma’s garden project: Week 4

SONY DSCWe are into the third week of the garden being moved to the backyard, and last weekend was the first weekend that I really grasped how much work this whole garden thing is. When my dad came over with the garden beds he made, we just had to attach the hinges and transplant everything. It wasn’t super easy, but it was fun.

Well, last weekend I decided it was finally time to plant the potatoes and onions. Sam’s dad told me I would have to dig a two inch row in order to plant all the potatoes. So I did that and threw them in there. Yes, I know we have YouTube and Pinterest for every tutorial known to man, but I thought I knew what was up.

Then, I came in the house to grab some water and was informed that I would have to cut each potato a few times, which means I would have to dig a lot more rows to house all of my potatoes. So I did two rows. With a shovel. If you haven’t done that before, don’t do it. Ever. Unless you’re looking for a really good workout.

I also made the super smart choice of starting to work on the garden around 2pm (when I say super smart, I really mean super dumb), so by the time I was done with those two rows, I was getting dizzy and blurry-eyed from the sun. The sun and I don’t really mix well together.

SONY DSCThe next day, my stepdad came over to help me with something else and ended up showing me a MUCH easier way to dig a row. He used a hoe (hehe) and got the job – which took me about two hours to complete the day before – done in about 10 minutes.


So, we planted the rest of the potatoes and onions. And we were done with everything about a half hour. Seriously. It was crazy.

I also started my compost, but when I was informed that I would have to get processed poop to get the ball rolling, I opted out. Now surfing the webs for a little bit, I found that you don’t need poop to have a good compost! Hooray! Digital high-fives all around!

I took a whole bunch of other photos, so if you want to see more of this garden project, check out my Facebook page. While you’re there, could you make me the happiest girl ever and click “like”?

Momma’s garden project: week 3

Now that the garden has been successfully relocated to the backyard, the “ghetto” doesn’t really fit anymore. So for now I will call it my garden project. My dad made two garden beds and installed a drip system for watering the plants. We moved the majority of the plants to the beds and left most of the herbs in the planters.

DSC06148I have a bed dedicated to tomatoes, and two tomato plants still in planters. I’m waiting for a variety of tomatoes to fill up the tomato bed. In the other bed, I have lettuce, spinach, five different hot peppers, banana peppers and broccoli. Outside of that bed, I planted cilantro and onion. I need to move the onion so that they are all planted separately and will have room to grow. In the other planters, I have parsley, thyme and rosemary. Then, I have a planter for mint and a planter for basil.

NeDSC06160xt, I’m going to build a garden bed for Cecilia out of the fencing wood we have in the backyard so I can keep all the vegetables I’m growing for her in that bed. I need to get some cucumber and asparagus to grow and I still need to plant the potatoes. Finally, I need to plant some pumpkin. I could use the heck out of some pumpkin.

Now, I’m looking into starting a compost.


All pictures were taken by Patricia Branham

Momma’s ghetto garden: week 2

So, it has been a little over two weeks since I started my ghetto little garden, and I gotta say…it’s looking a lot better!


I was watering them every day but when we were gone for a day, I forgot to water them. When I came out to check on them the next day, they looked the best they had since I got them! So, I’ve been watering them every other day, and they’re looking pretty sexy. Today I clipped some parsley to have with our dinner. It’s so good when it’s fresh from your garden!

We’re working on the new garden spot in the backyard. Here’s the progress so far. Hopefully by the end of the month, there will be some raised beds in there and my grarden will be movin’ on up! What should I plant next?



Momma’s Ghetto Garden: Day 5

SONY DSCAfter the rain let up a little, we determined that the spot in front of the house was maybe not the best place to keep the veggies. They needed some more sun and weren’t getting it there.

So, we moved them to another spot on the side of the house that gets a whole lot more sun. Cecilia was outside with me the whole time, following every move I made. Hopefully by the time she is able to enjoy the garden, all of the veggies and herbs will all be moved to a designated spot in the back.SONY DSC

I had to use a wagon to help move the plants and decided that I liked putting the small pots in the wagon to make it look a little more organized.

They say it takes a couple months before you start seeing anything, so I have a while, but I CANNOT wait to go pull my veggies and herbs for some homemade meals.

Next up….canning!

can you dig it?

SONY DSCWhen I was making pasta the other day, I was thinking about how much I hate tomato sauce. It’s totally the “weird uncle” of the sauce family. Pesto, of course, is the cool relative who may not come around all the time, but always brings the party.

The only issue is that no matter what house you’re in, the “weird uncle” is always around and the “cool relative” is not. So, what’s a girl to do when she wants some friggin pesto? And she doesn’t just want a jar, she wants it at her fingertips for whenever she has a hankering.

She buys some basil to plant.

But then she sees all peppers, onions, parsley, tomatoes, tomatillos, cucumbers, strawberries and more. So she buys all the plants that looks appealing and thus starts her ghetto little garden. SONY DSC

We’re waiting to till the field in the back, so my ghetto front yard garden will do for now. I started it yesterday and already lost a cucumber, but the rest look promising. I’m hoping that this will cut back on our grocery trips and eventually to get all of our produce from our yard. That would be so awesome!

When people say that gardening is a good stress reliever, they are right. Not that I have much to be stressed out about, but I feel calm the moment I put my gloves on. And it’s something that I’ve started on my own and will be my own little project. I also saw that there’s a community urban farm in Stockton who are looking for people to help give produce to the poor and elderly.

How cool would that be if I could help them out!

SONY DSCThe best part is that I bring the little babe to oversee all the work and supervise. It’s a cool time to spend with her and another story I can share with her. I’m keeping these photos as keepsakes from our little experience so when Cecilia complains about how lame I am, I can yank these bad boys out to show her. And hopefully she’ll think I’m cool.

Make sure to check back for updates on this ghetto little garden!

Have you started a garden before? What was your experience like?