Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

I love getting a new calendar and/or planner! While I have plenty of devices that are more than capable to track all of my important dates and ideas, I am not yet trained in relying completely on my phone. I just have this crazy concept that I am able to think better when I am writing on something in front of me rather than on my phone. And I like to make little notes and goals…so it just works better that way.

It never really occurred to me that I could create my own calendars until recently, and now I have found plenty of awesome calendars that you can create and personalize yourself! I am most definitely going to work on a calendar and can’t wait to share mine with you! Here are some ideas to get your creative juices going:

Photo from Our Collective

Photo from Our Collective

This calendar from Our Collective is simple and classic, and you can use your own photos for the graphics. You can get the calendar template by clicking on the photo or the link above and clicking on the “free calendar” tab. Once downloaded, you will receive 12 .psd templates (one for each month) and instructions. They also share an awesome idea for reusing your CD cases to hold the calendars!

Photo from Going Home to Roost

Photo from Going Home to Roost

Use your Instagram photos to create this calendar from Going Home to Roost. Just click on the photo or the link to be directed to her website in order to download the template. You will be given three different file types: .png, .pdf and .eps, depending on how much you want to edit. Don’t want to use your own photos? Then download and print hers!

Photo from Poppytalk

Photo from Poppytalk

Now, in order to complete this project, you will need to purchase the 2014 Stitch the Stars calendar set from Heather Lins for $25. So, it’s not free, but it’s worth the same amount of money that you would spend on any other calendar. And this one allows you to use a little creativity! She also offers a Year in Stitches calendar kit, but that one is unfortunately sold out 😦 Find out more about this project on Poppytalk.

Don’t feel like doing the work…or paying for a calendar? I ain’t mad at ya. Here are some free calendars with all the work done for you!

Photo from The Elli Blog

Photo from The Elli Blog

Download and print out this FREE 2014 calendar on The Elli Blog. I love this calendar because it’s simple and also has enough space to write down important dates and put your notes on the other side. She says to print on white cardstock, but hey…I say get crazy and print it on any card stock you want! Lots of good DIY projects and tutorials on this site!

Photo from Eat Drink Chic

Photo from Eat Drink Chic

I absolutely love this calendar from Eat Drink Chic! It’s fun and colorful, the only downside is that it really makes want some chocolate the moment I look at it! I would love to print this out and put it in the kitchen – which I think I just might do! You can circle or put little markers by the important dates, and I already know a couple people who would love to get this as a little gift!

So if you are like me and still don’t have a good calendar, don’t worry. You’re only two days into the new year and these projects are simple and easy! Have a DIY calendar you want to share, or did you complete one of these projects and show off what you did? Post the link in the comments and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +. Find more thrifty inspiration on my Pinterest!

2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursdays

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  2. I have a sweet friend from high school that still after all these years creates a family calendar for her extended family. She adds photos of family members on their special date; adds updated contact info at the very back of the calendar; prints them herself and does her own spiral binding. What a terrific gift idea.

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