Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

Of all the things my poor mom has tried to teach me to do, knitting is probably the only project I completed. I made a scarf and a beanie a couple years ago, and now that the weather is getting colder, it’s about time to get back into action. Of course, I will have to set aside time to do it after Cecilia goes to bed as the yarn will be a big ol’ tangled mess on the ground if she gets to it.

We usually look up patterns in one of my mom’s many pattern books, but I’ve also found some cool patterns online that we have made before. I found some more patterns online today, and the best part…they are FREE! Instead of sharing individual patterns like I would normally share individual tutorials, I’m going to share the sites I got them from. Each site has so many patterns, that would be unjust to only share one with you.

Image belongs to Creating Laura

Image belongs to Creating Laura

Creating Laura – I was guided to this site from All Free Knitting, an excellent resource for finding knitting patterns, stores, reviews, giveaways and tutorials. Back to Laura, now. She offers a dozen knitting patterns on her site, and she also blogs about food, crafts, sewing, beauty and of course…knitting. You can find a tutorial for a beer cozy and an infinity scarf, all in the same place!

Image belongs to fearless homemaker

Image belongs to fearless homemaker

Fearless Homemaker – This is another All Free Knitting find. She offers two knitting patterns on her blog, including this dark leaf ear warmer. There are plenty of other craft tutorials on her blog, and she also shares some yummy recipes, like a healthier version of chilli-cheese macaroni! I think I know what I’m making for dinner!

Image belongs to Fiber Flux

Image belongs to Fiber Flux

Fiber Flux – Jennifer, who runs this blog, not only shares free knitting and crochet patterns, she also shares tutorials! Be sure to check out the strawberry jam neck wrap pattern and the flower patch button wrap pattern. I checked out her tutorials and you can seriously learn how to knit and crochet pretty much anything your heart could desire.

Image belongs to Cut Out + Keep

Image belongs to Cut Out + Keep

Cut Out + Keep – This is an awesome community site that I found that offers an assortment of craft projects and tutorials. There are quite a few free knitting patterns, like this awesome fox beanie. You can sign up as a member and share your projects and tutorials while learning from others. And it’s totally free to join!

I hope you were able to find some knitting patterns to inspire your next project. As always, I will only share projects with you that I am planning to make sometime in the near future. I am not compensated for any of this, I just love sharing what I find with all my friends on here. You can share your knitting projects, tutorials, patterns and more in the comments and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #staythrifty.  And if you are craving more knitting inspiration, check out my Pinterest! Stay thrifty, my friends.

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