Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdaysOf all the media I have worked with before, burlap is not one of them. However, I find myself constantly pinning DIY burlap ideas on Pinterest, so something must be cooking in my head! I’ve found some pretty cool projects, and I wanted to share them with you.

Image belongs to Happy Together

Image belongs to Happy Together

Burlap Canvas DIY from Happy Together – Jessica Fediw is a mom of two who shares her crafting tutorials on her blog, Happy Together. One tutorial she shares is this burlap canvas that she painted on. You can also find plenty of sewing tutorials, and also a tutorial on a coffee table makeover. I can’t wait until we get our house so I can try out all of those fun tutorials that you do on furniture. I don’t think Sam’s dad would be too happy if I tried them out on his furniture, unfortunately.

Image belongs to Blue Robin Cottage

Image belongs to Blue Robin Cottage

Choose Your Love, Love Your Choice from Blue Robin Cottage – The reason I love this project so much is that it involves so many different crafts. There’s embroidery, stamping and of course…the art of attaching the muslin to the burlap and so on. Sierra is another mama who shares a lot of crafting projects on her blog, including a cloud pillow and a fox tote.

Image belongs to Maiden Jane

Image belongs to Maiden Jane

Make a Unique Coffee Bag Apron from Maiden Jane – I am so in love with this coffee bag apron! I’m really interested in making aprons…once I get that sewing thing down. She also shares a coffee bag rug tutorial and a tutorial on turning your dress into a sassy apron! Now, where do I find coffee bags? Oh, here.

Have a favorite burlap project you want to share? Or, did you make something from one of these tutorials and you want to show it off? Post in the comments and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #burlapcrafts. You can also find more of my burlap inspiration on Pinterest. If you have an idea you want to see on Thrifty Thursdays, just let me know! Stay thrifty, friends!

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