Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

I’ve been collecting plastic bags FOREVER. I always used them as my trash bags in my room and then later when I felt capable enough to have a pet or two, I used the bags to clean up after my animals. In fact, I had so many bags that one time when I moved, my friend told me that I could only pack one huge bag full of smaller plastic bags. The others would have to go. I hated that idea, but Pinterest wasn’t around back then, so I had no idea what to do with them.

I still have a bag full of small plastic bags that I use as our trash can liners, or for lunches when my boyfriend forgets his lunch chest at work. Now that big bag is getting overloaded with plastic bags, so I need to think of some more ways to use the bags that will last longer than a trash can liner or lunch bag would. Here are some ideas:

Image belongs to Etsy

Image belongs to Etsy

Fusing plastic bag tutorial from Etsy Labs – I guess I’m WAY behind the times because I just discovered that Etsy had a “lab,” and it hasn’t been updated since 2007. Damn. There are still a lot of great tutorials on there, like how to turn jeans into a skirt, and how to make envelopes. Now, they have a blog on their main page and share some tutorials on there, as well as recipes and profiles on some of their shop owners. I’m still going to check out those tutorials on Etsy Labs though.

Image belongs to Blog A La Cart

Image belongs to Blog A La Cart

Plastic Bag Bags tutorial from Blog A La Cart – This tutorial from Ashley Weeks Cart shows how to turn your plastic bags into yarn to use for crocheting a bag. Now, you need about 80-100 plastic bags so this might take me a little while to accomplish, but maybe we can have a huge plastic bag party and everyone can bring all of their unwanted/unused plastic bags and we can crochet. I started to count how many tutorials Ashley shares on her blog, and then I lost count. So go check it out – you will fall in love with the design, and all of the beautiful pictures.

Image belongs to Jana Trent

Image belongs to Jana Trent

Recycled Plastic Bag Weaving tutorial from Weave Zine – When I first saw this picture on Pinterest, I didn’t think that all of that “yarn” was really plastic bags, but it’s true! Jana Trent shares her step-by-step tutorial for weaving plastic bags on Weave Zine. The tutorial includes photos, which always helps me. Once you get the weaving down, I suppose you can really make anything you want. She used hers for a pillow case, but I’ve seen mats and more.

Image belongs to Mami Made It

Image belongs to Mami Made It

Plastic Bag Flowerpot tutorial from Mami Made It – This tutorial is both in German and English, so if you don’t know German already, you get a little lesson as well! Petra crocheted plastic bags and turned them into a flower pot, which is pretty sweet. All you need are 7-8 plastic bags, which I totally have. It will be perfect for the winter, when my garden is no longer but I still want to keep my herbs going. And I can crochet some extras to give as gifts. Now, I just need to learn how to crochet.

Have any plastic bag crafts to share, or did you use one of these tutorials to make something? Share in the comments and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #plasticbagcrafts. Follow my Pinterest for more plastic bag craft inspirations. I’m also open to any ideas you want to see on Thrifty Thursdays so feel free to share those as well!

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