Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

Feeling all fancy with my first order at my Mariposa Blossoms Etsy store (yes, I’m still bragging about it), I was thinking about what kind of gift wrap I should wrap it with. I want to maintain this DIY/homemade theme, so I looked around the craft room/baby room to see what I can find.

And what I found was my big ol stack of newspapers and magazines that I have acquired over the last year or so. I’ve asked my mom to save her magazines for a long time and while she’s been diligent about doing so, I have not been so diligent about using them.

In fact, when we did our last move, my boyfriend informed me that he would not help move the two boxes of magazines I had packed. He would not put them in Storage and he definitely would not move them into our new digs. He allowed me one box, and I even had to fight for that. I can’t blame him though. I’m known for hoarding all sorts of “crafting material” and never using it, then complaining about how cluttered everything is.

Alas, I ended up donating the majority of the magazines and then promising myself I would never do it again. Then we moved in with his dad, who gets the daily paper. Not being able to throw the paper away when it was no longer needed, I started storing it. Cringing every time I look at it, I need to start doing something with it. Which is where the gift wrap idea comes into play!

Here are some neat ways to reuse magazines and newspapers as gift wrap:

Image belongs to Redfly Creations

Image belongs to Redfly Creations

Magazine Gift Bag Tutorial from Redfly Creations – Melissa, who runs the blog, is a mom of three and she offers a lot of tutorials, recipes and printables on her site. I actually found her site from a Mason Jar repin on Pinterest, and landed on the gift bag tutorial, which inspired today’s post. She also has a tutorial on DIY photo shoots, which I love! Not sure Sam will love that idea, but that is just par for the course.

Image belongs to The Gunny Sack

Image belongs to The Gunny Sack

Magazine Gift Bags Tutorial from The Gunny Sack – And if you are handy with the sewing machine (which I am not…yet), here is a tutorial from The Gunny Sack. I have featured her DIY Mason Jar tutorial on a previous Thrifty Thursdays, so obviously I really like her site. She is full of tutorials, recipes and help with photography, so check her out!

Image belongs to Junk Mail Gems

Image belongs to Junk Mail Gems

Gift bags out of Junk Mail from Junk Mail Gems – This is the first time I’ve visited this site, and I think it’s kind of amazing. It’s true to it’s name and offers a whole lot of projects that use, well…junk mail. If you have an address, you know you get junk mail, so why not put it to good use! I normally just give all my junk mail to Cecilia to destroy, but this might be a little more handy.

Image belongs to Easy Homestead

Image belongs to Easy Homestead

DIY Newspaper Gift Wrap from Easy Homestead – Ok, so I followed the link to find the original tutorial, but apparently the website is no longer. But, I did find Easy Homestead on Facebook where they share a lot of tutorials and fun ideas for reusing and upcycling stuff.

Image belongs to Two Shades of Pink

Image belongs to Two Shades of Pink

Gift Wrap Ideas from Two Shades of Pink – And finally, to top off your DIY newspaper-wrapped gift, a newspaper flower! This was part of a gift wrap series that Jessica, the author of the blog, featured on her site. Her website is all about celebrating…celebrations, and is definitely worth checking out. I think I’ll be returning to this site when I’m planning the little one’s first birthday.

I can’t believe I’m already thinking about her first birthday.

Do you know of an innovative way to wrap your gifts in newspaper and magazine clippings? Share here in the comments and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #diygiftwrap. Find more of my DIY newspaper and magazine gift wrap inspiration on Pinterest!

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