Gettin fit: journey to the skirt/ 365 days of yoga

Current weight: 154

Goal for the week: No fried food/ yoga twice a day

journey to the skirt

So, last week wasn’t as successful as I thought it would be. We were running low on groceries and since I don’t drive, I have to wait until my very busy boyfriend has time to go grocery shopping. Or I sweet talk a friend or family member to take me, but I try to avoid that until it’s necessary!

So, we ended up with a lot of fast food, and pizza…which is not helpful when you’re trying to get back into that skirt! I did keep up with doing yoga once a day, and sometimes I even did it twice! I did end up having a couple soft drinks since we were out of tea (gasp!) and I needed a little pick-me-up. I didn’t use any butter for my cooking, and followed this Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction to substitute pumpkin puree for butter in my cookies.


I’ve made these cookies before, and they are my favorites to make! Now, I just need to figure out how to use something different for the sugar and they will be pretty darned clean!

I also found my favorite yoga challenge and instructor, she’s Erin Motz from Do You Yoga’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I really dig her style because she’s laid back, and I’m pretty sure she does all the challenges from her living room. She’s really down to earth and isn’t afraid to share when she’s has any yoga mishaps.

Image belongs to Do You Yoga

Image belongs to Do You Yoga

I’ve only missed one day of yoga in the last 20 days and I like coming back every day for a new challenge. I’ve literally been trying the crow move for a few days now, and still can’t do it, even though my boyfriend could do it on his first try. Whatever…

Battle wound from the crow pose

Battle wound from the crow pose

So, I’m focusing on continuing practicing yoga and trying to fit in a night practice. When I did do night practice, I fell asleep so much easier and went to bed relaxed, not overwhelmed. I really believe that looking online right before bed can cause insomnia. Especially if you’re looking at Pinterest. Don’t look at Pinterest before bed. You will find yourself waking up at at 2am to turn your old milk container into a planter.

I digress. I’m going to continue with my yoga practice and try to stay away from fried food. Like I said before, I don’t use butter in my own cooking and baking, but I run into trouble when I get fried food while we are out. I can’t say I will stay away from fast food completely, but I can stay away from fried food.

Follow my #365daysofyoga challenge on Instagram and Twitter, and join in the fun by using that same hashtag. Follow my Pinterest for yoga and clean eating recipes.

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