Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites

Newsflash: It’s freaking hot. I literally have every light off in the house, and I have the swamp cooler and every fan in the house going. Sound like a little much? Well, my baby runs super hot and she gets angry when she’s hot so I have to keep the house super cool for her. She is a princess, after all.

On top of this, my hair is at that awkward stage where it’s growing out from being super short, but if I try to put it in a pony tail, it will eventually fall out since there’s not enough hair that will fit in the pony. Life is complicated! I have threatened to shave it off, especially since Cecilia keeps pulling at it, but then Sam threatened to tuck in his shirt 24/7 if I do that, so I would rather not.

So, I have been checking out hair wraps to help keep my hair up and cute. I know it will be a matter of time until Cecilia will pull it off my head, but I’m ready for a challenge. So, without further delay, here are my favorite hair wrap inspirations:


Image belongs to More Design Please

DIY Summertime Hair Wraps from More Design Please – This tutorial is from one of my favorite blogs, and I love how she did it! When I got the beloved Pinterest, this was one of the very first things I pinned….and I’m so happy that I finally get to share it in my blog! I know it would work if I had my hair up in a ponytail…my only challenge would be keeping Cecilia away from it. Which I already know isn’t going to happen.


Image property of All Things Lovely

How to Tie a Head Wrap from All Things Lovely – This tutorial shows you how to do head wraps for both long and short hair. I could be down with something like this and it looks like it might even be hard for the baby to unravel, but who knows with that crazy strong baby.


Image belongs to Free People

Four Easy Ways to Wear Scarves by Free People – So, these girls all have long hair, but you could certainly modify if you have short hair. This post also includes a video tutorial, so if you click on the Free People link or on the picture, you will be directed to the post, where you can check out the video.

Don’t feel like doing your own head scarf? I feel you, and I totally understand. Here are two cute hair wraps that I found on Etsy:


Image belongs to EcoShag

My Victorian Heart Hair Wrap from EcoShag – This hair wrap is $20.50 and it is handmade and eco-friendly (plus and plus). Tania has 41 hair wraps in her Etsy shop, and they are all worth checking out. Portions of her proceeds go to to honor her sister and So, if you’re feeling like buying a hair wrap and supporting small business, visit her shop!


Image belongs to ThreeBirdNest

Blue Aztec Print Cotton Headband from ThreeBirdNest – There are a BUNCH of cute things for your head in her shop, which includes 105 hairbands and head wraps. It’s all homemade and the owner said that her shop is pet and smoke free. I never thought about how nasty it would be to get something from Etsy and it came smelling like cigarette smoke! Gross! Now, I used to be a smoker….but still…I would be pissed even if I smoked. I digress…this is definitely a cute shop and worth visiting!

Do you make head wraps and want to promote your stuff? Do you have a head wrap tutorial you want to share? Post in the comments below or share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #headwrapitup. For more hair wrap inspiration, check out my Pinterest!

Keep cool! Really…keep yourself cool.

Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

So, my next crafty project that I am working on is this old barn window that I am turning into a cork board. Since I haven’t done any cork board projects yet, I thought I would see what goes into making your very own cork board!


I checked out a few tutorials, and I must admit…some of them were pretty janky. Now, they would be fine to just hang in your house and I think that’s what a lot of people end up doing with their corkboards. But I’m looking for something that would be pretty enough for people to feel inspired when they see it, so inspired that they want to purchase it!


Image belongs to House of Hepworths

Handmade cork board tutorial by House of Hepworths – Allison, who runs this blog, used an old frame that she had, a foam board, a cork roll and a utility knife to cut the foam board and cork roll to fit. She also used glue but said that spray adhesive would probably be better, she just didn’t have any. You can find the full tutorial by clicking on the link.

Now, I went through a lot of good tutorials, but that was one of the only ones I could find that used an old frame without a backing. She hot glued the cork board to the frame so I might try that. Or I might check into some other creative ways to keep the cork board in. I found a natural cork roll for $10.24 at Amazon that I will need to get.

Other tutorials attached the cork material to either a thick and strong cardboard, or plywood. So I will be looking into all of these options to see what I like the best.


Image belongs to Brooklyn Limestone

Seating chart tutorial by Brooklyn Limestone – Stefanie, who runs this blog, used a canvas as a backing for the cork board. She also used a drop cloth and a t-shirt transfer to complete her project. This was used for a seating chart, but you could really use it for anything you wanted once the project was done.


Image belongs to Paint me Plaid

DIY Cork Board Memo Hoops from Paint me Plaid – I found this blog from another radical blog called Scissors and Thread. Charlotte from Paint me Plaid used embroidery hoops and Folk Art paint to complete this project. She used painting tape to make the separate colors look nice and pleasing to the eye. I love them and totally want to paint some Cecilia’s room/my office!


Image belongs to Infarrantly Creative

Decorative Corkboard Memo Board by Infarrantly Creative – You can even transform an old serving tray into a cork board! I smell something and it’s the scent of a new project! She glued the cork board to her tray and then she used burlap to cover the cork board. I never got into burlap but with all these projects I’m seeing with burlap, I think I’m missing out on something.

And for the super talented/adventurous crafters….

Imaginative Girls Bedroom @vintage revivals[2]

Image belongs to Vintage Revivals

DIY Corkboard Wall Mural Bulldog Style by Vintage Revivals – Let me just get one thing straight here. I love painting more than anything in the world, aside from my family, frozen yogurt and cupcakes, but there is no way in hell I would ever attempt this. I’m sure when Cecilia is of the age where she can tell me what craziness she wants in her room, just like I told my mom, I will have to do something like this. Luckily, I have a few years of practice before this topic arises. Given the way she is developing though, it could be a few months. Girl needs to slow her roll. Seriously.

So, I’m feeling well-equipped with loads of information to get this project done! If you have any cork board projects you want to share, post in the comments or share it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #diycorkboard. You can also check out my Pinterest for more inspiration on corkboard projects.

Update on my projects

So, along with my online art collective, I have also started an online homemade goods line with my friend, Salina. Basically, I don’t really get off my computer unless it’s to hang out with my daughter or to do housework! I’m really excited about both of these projects, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

book review flyer

Let’s start with Baby Burrito Collective, shall we? It’s going good, we’re still looking for writers, readers and bloggers who would like to write a review in exchange for a free book. As long as you are good with posting a review on Amazon and/or Lulu, we are good! We still have 11 days left in our campaign and we need a lot of help. I attended an Etsy Craft Party at HelloXOXO – a community organization for all the ladies – in Sacramento last weekend and I am hoping to hold our launch party there!

mariposa blossoms etsy

Then we have Mariposa Blossoms, my little love. It is still in the very, very beginning stages so we have a lot of work to do with our online presence. But I do have two items in the shop right now! I’m working on our logo right now and some web design (hoping I don’t totally fail). We do have our etsy shop open though! Yahoo!

I’m also in school right now (not Academy of Art quite yet. That will come in August!) so I’m hoping to finally have my AA in General Ed in a year or so and then I can work on my graphic design degree! I’m so excited for August. I can hardly wait!

So, I have now connected Baby Burrito Collective and Mariposa Blossoms to my homepage, so you can click on the tabs there to take you to each site! I’m really excited about my projects and I can’t wait to see where they go! Do you have any projects you want to share? Please post in the comments. I want to help you in any way I can!

Gettin fit: journey to the skirt/ 365 days of yoga

journey to the skirt

Current weight: 152

Goals: No soda or fast food/ Yoga twice a day. No execeptions

Let me tell you how exciting it is to make a Trader Joe’s trip! It’s like Christmas every time I walk in there and smell that wonderful aroma in the air. I looked at the Clean Eating grocery list from Gracious Pantry and it helped me stay way more on track than just going at it all willy-nilly.

Now that I’ve gotten into this diet for a while now, I think I know what food is good for you and what is maybe not so good. It’s not hard to stay motivated when I have all the food I feel I need in the house. The hardest part is when you’re not stocked and there are so many easy temptations around.

I just need to stay focused on my goals and understand that while there will be bad days, the good days need to be really good. Check out my new favorite breakfast: sprouted wheat bagel with hummus and avocado and a bowl of fruit. I will never stop eating wheat. Sorry. I love it.


So I pretty much stayed on track with my 365 days of yoga. I only missed one day this week because I didn’t have a mat at my moms and my poor, bad knee would have slipped if I did it on just the hardwood floor.

IMG_4432 IMG_4468 IMG_4494 IMG_4539 IMG_4547 IMG_4575

As you may know, it is incredibly hard to photograph yourself while in a yoga flow, so I either do it when I can pause for a moment, or just take a picture of myself being weird. I’ve been following the 30 Day Challenge on Do You Yoga. I’m going to continue following Erin Motz, who runs the challenge, after it’s over. She’s super rad and I didn’t realize how lame some of the yoga teachers are until I had her. Check her out. She’s on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube too.

You can keep up with my yoga pictures on Instagram and check out my yoga and clean eating inspiration on Pinterest. If you want to join the challenge, post photos of yourself practicing yoga daily and use the hashtag #365daysofyoga on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you miss a day, it’s cool. Just pick it up the next day!

This Week at The Weekly Treat

weekly treat

When we had our Fathers Day BBQ over here a couple weeks ago, we wanted a light treat that somehow incorporated my favorite fruit, strawberries. Since it was a little (and by a little, I mean a lot) crazy over here, we decided on strawberry shortcakes and cheated by getting the ready-made shortcakes. Yes, I admit it. I didn’t bake anything for the BBQ. But there was  a lot going on, dang it!

This got me thinking about all the yummy strawberry shortcake possibilities there could be, which inspired the theme for this week’s weekly treat: Strawberry Shortcakes!

Image belongs to this heart of mine

Image belongs to this heart of mine

Strawberry Shortcake From Scratch by this heart of mine – I’m not sure what is more delightful in this post, the actual treat itself or the amazing photography. I never thought that capturing food on film would be that hard, but after I started doing it, I realized that it is truly hard to photograph food and make it look warm and inviting, and Amy Christie – who runs this blog – certainly does that. She’s also a DIYer and a mom, so I love her already.

Image belongs to Lemon Tree Dwellings

Image belongs to Lemon Tree Dwellings

Strawberry Shortcake Pops from Lemon Tree Dwelling – I am probably the last person on the planet who has yet to make a cake pop, but alas, it is the sad truth. These would be fun to take to any party, or a good way to limit myself to just one small treat per day! Unlikely that that will actually happen, but a girl can dream.

Image belongs to Green Owl Crafts

Image belongs to Green Owl Crafts

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream from green owl crafts – Two of my favorite things…strawberry shortcake and ice cream! This recipe looks relatively easy and a lot of fun. And perfect for Summer! Man, I wish I would have seen this before the BBQ but now I have an idea for 4th of July (if we’re not in the hospital, Sam’s nephew is due that day)!

Image belongs to Making Thyme for Health

Image belongs to Making Thyme for Health

Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes from Making Thyme for Health – Whenever I see a recipe for something vegan, the first thing I think is “oh great, another recipe with a bunch of weird ingredients that I will never find,” but not this time. The ingredients are simple, and all things I have heard of before. And Sarah, who runs this blog, is from Northern California and has a guide for restaurants around her area.

Image belongs to The Gracious Pantry

Image belongs to The Gracious Pantry

Clean Eating Strawberry Shortcake from The Gracious Pantry – And finally, if you are trying your hardest to stay on your clean eating diet but freaking love treats more than anything, I completely understand and agree. So here’s a recipe that includes a clean eating whipped cream and clean eating doughnut batter. Wait a minute, there’s clean eating doughnut batter? Score! I’ve never been a fan of making “diet-friendly” alternatives for good food, because they usually include a bunch of ingredients that aren’t a whole lot better than the original ingredients, but since the clean diet focuses on eating whole, good food, I don’t hesitate as much.

If you want to join the weekly treat group, visit us on Facebook. You can also share your strawberry shortcake recipes or attempts with us by sharing your pictures and using the hashtag #theweeklytreat on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check out more of my strawberry shortcake inspiration on Pinterest.

Momma’s garden project: Week 13

I was fearing for the worst when my garden started to die due to the heat over the last few weeks. But then I increased the amount I was watering them and all of a sudden, they were blooming again! The most awesome plant in my garden thus far has been the tomato. I have been able to give A LOT of them to my family and still keep a bunch for us. We always buy tomatoes when we go to the grocery store so it’s pretty awesome to not have worry about that for a while.

The peppers have also been insane as of late, so it looks like I’ll be making some salsa soon! Along with the homemade tortillas I’m learning to make, we’ll be good! The only issues I’m having are with the potatoes and red onions, which are in the ground. We tried to pull them a couple weeks ago to see how they were doing, and we got nothing. But I’m going to pull them again next week and hopefully I will have a few potatoes to show for it!


The most recent prompt for the Grow Write Guild was to write about a plant that is in bloom, which seems to perfect for right now, since all I can talk about is how wonderful my tomatoes are right now! I’m not even a tomato fan, I just can’t wait to make my salsa right now! The only thing I would change about the tomato is getting cages for all the plants. I do like the way it looks growing wild, but when I water it, I end up watering all the weeds too so it would be better if it was maintained!

Definitely getting cages for all of the plants next time around.


The broccoli isn’t really doing too good right now. I’ve been pulling the weedy parts, so that all of the water goes to the broccoli, but it’s still taking a while. I’m going to pull the flowers that I have growing right now to see how they do.


But what has been improving is my compost! I stopped adding to it, started mixing it up a lot more and kept it hydrated, so the food was able to compost faster. I’m hoping to have the compost ready by next Spring since I already have enough soil to last me for now. Luckily, the smell doesn’t completely blow me away when I go out there and I haven’t found any unwanted visitors…yet.


So this is my garden right now, how is yours doing?


Feel free to share your garden’s progress with pictures and the hashtag #yardlife on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Or share your pictures and stories by linking to your blog in the comments! You can check out more of my project on Facebook page and see more of my garden inspiration on Pinterest.

Upcycled dreams: Spice rack and cheese grater

So I finally found some time to make some crafts! Thanks to Pinterest, I got ideas and inspiration to give some much needed life to my spice rack and cheese grater. The baby is at an age where I can take her outside and she can amuse herself in her scientifically labeled “jump jump” while I work on my projects.

Here is the spice rack:


Now, this took me about a week to do…but I put in a little bit of time every day until I got it the way I wanted it. I just wanted until Cecilia was down for her nap or until it was cool enough for her to go outside so I could finish working. I’ve also been busy starting my own company with my friend and keeping up with Baby Burrito Collective. So my plate has been pretty full lately! Therefore, crafting has been cut short. But once I get something done, I feel amazing!

IMG_4366 IMG_4369So it’s all done now, and it’s for sale on the online store Mariposa Blossoms that I have with my friend. It’s going for $10 and I have another cute item for $10 as well…a cheese grater jewelry holder! I love this idea and I’m tempted to keep this one for myself and make more to sell!


That octopus stencil did NOT turn out the way I wanted it, so I decided to paint it all black again and then I used a gold metallic spray paint on top of that. I love spray paint more than words could say, and if it were possible, I would just spray paint myself.


How cute is that?! So, both of these are for sale on Etsy and I’m hoping to add a new item to the shop every week. Next up: turning this old barn window into a cute cork board!


Share any of your projects on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by posting photos and using #ilovecraftime. You can also share your projects in the comments on this post! Look at more crafty inspiration on my Pinterest.


Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites

Seeing that today is the first day of Summer, I suppose this means its swimsuit season. Yay….

I guess this means I really need to kick my butt into high gear and quit sneaking those soft drinks and chips. Dang it! To help inspire and motivate me some more, I’ve searched high and low on Etsy for some cute vintage bathing suits. I picked out some of my favorite stores that have more than one option for bathing suits. Keep in mind that these suits are vintage, so I’m sure they only have one or two sizes for each one.

I would also advise measuring yourself before purchasing the suits to make sure they fit you. While I hate trying on bathing suits in a store (not a HUGE fan of being surrounded by mirrors right now), it is nice to see how a suit fits you before purchasing it. Since you are not afforded this luxury, on Etsy, measure yourself first. What’s that saying? Measure twice, cut once? Well, measure twice, buy once!

Click the pictures to be directed to the swimsuit and click the link to be directed to the store.


Image belongs to Housewife Vintage

80s Black Mickey Mouse one piece from Housewife Vintage – This swimsuit comes in a M/L and they have several other vintage swimsuits to choose from if Mickey isn’t your style. It’s reasonably priced at $49 (trust me, I saw swimsuits for over $300!) and if you’re not in the market for a swimsuit, they have a lot of cute clothes and shoes. Even stuff for dudes!

Image property of Firegypsy Vintage

Image property of Firegypsy Vintage

Checkered one piece from Firegypsy Vintage – Super cute and feminine bathing suit by Bobbie Brooks that measures at 11/12 and sells for $35.91. There are a lot of other swimsuits and stuff to wear with the suit. Again, if you’re looking for stuff other than a bathing suit, they have a whole lot of cute vintage stuff!

Image belongs to Brown Cow Vintage

Image belongs to Brown Cow Vintage

1970s floral print one piece from Brown.Cow.Vintage – I’ve been looking for a bathing suit with boy shorts so this is just what I had in mind! It’s super affordable at $20 and fits like a Medium, according to the seller. She said that there is a little piling on the bottom of the suit but it’s still in good shape. There are over 100 dresses in this shop and a bunch of other cute vintage stuff!

Image belongs to Mamma's Chest

Image belongs to Mamma’s Chest

50s floral swimsuit from Mamma’s Chest – I am so in love with this swimsuit! It’s super cute, fun and a little sophisticated! I would feel really classy if I wore this swimsuit. The model is a size 8 and it costs $68, which is a good price for a swimsuit nowadays. Lots of cute vintage stuff in this store, including dresses, jewelry and even a clearance section!

Be sure to check out my Pinterest for more inspiration and share any cute suits you see by posting it in the comments! Do you sell cute vintage swimsuits? Share your store here!

Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

It is very rare for me to not be attached to my computer or phone at any given time of day. As a work at home mom, I am always checking on something while I’m rocking my daughter or just hanging out on the couch. I barely ever check the clock for the time, because it’s always on the device of choice to which I am glued.

Here’s the thing, though. When you try to “multi-task,” you end up missing out on a lot. I’ll be watching TV and realize that I missed the entire show because I was looking up something on my phone/computer. So what else am I missing? I’ve decided that while I’m just hanging out with my daughter, I’m going to put the phone and computer down more often so I can become completely involved in what she’s doing.

The break from technology is nice, but how else do I know what time it is? By clocks, of course! So, here are some cute ideas for making a clock on your own. Now, I have tried making vinyl record clocks several times and the clock never worked for me, so hopefully this will give me some new ideas.

hexagon clock diy blog

Image belongs to U Create

DIY Hexagon Clock from Ucreate: This clock would be really cute in a craft room, or in a nursery/ kids room. And if you’re like me, your craft room happens to also be the nursery/kids room. You can use whatever colors you want for the fabric and you could probably even do one with old shirts.

Image belongs to Maker Mama

Thrifted Clock Redo, from Maker Mama: I was guided to this wonderful craft by Apartment Therapy. Have an old pot lid that is missing its respective pot or pan? Put it to good use by turning it into a clock. If you are missing the pan lid, you can find cute ones at any thrift or antique store or yard sale. You can also buy a clock kit, or take one from an old clock. This would be the perfect clock to have in your kitchen!

Image belongs to Tribal Times

Image belongs to Tribal Times

Silkscreened clock, from Tribal Times: This clock was made with a doily silkscreen, acrylic paint and an embroidery hoop. It’s another clock that would be cute in a craft/baby room and the entire tutorial is posted on her site. This would be fun to give as a homewarming gift too! Like, if I were to get a house, I would be happy to get this as a present.  This project was part of 10 DIY Clock Projects from Curbly. Check out that post for more inspiration and projects.


Image belongs to Ever Kelly

DIY Cuckoo Clock from Ever Kelly: Kelly Lee-Creel offers a free download for this cuckoo clock project. Now, we happen to have a lot of birdhouses here that aren’t being used, so I’m wondering if I could turn these into clocks! They would be cute to have around the house, in the front room perhaps. Not that you need a whole bunch of clocks in the front room – that might be a little weird. But if you have family or friends that live in a different time zone, you could set one for each time zone! How cute would that be. Super cute, if you ask me.


Image belongs to Epheriell Designs

My Button Clock, from Epheriell Designs. This clock is made with some fabric, an embroidery hoop, buttons, and of course, a clock kit. I happen to have a lot of beads left over from the 1000 times I tried to make bracelets and necklaces but it never worked out. I’m sure the beads would also work, but they aren’t flat so it might be hard to make them stick. I’ll have to check it out.

You can find more clock project inspirations on my Pinterest and you can also share your clock projects with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by posting a picture of your project and using #diyclock. Want to share a project on the blog? Just post in the comments!

Gettin fit: Journey to the Skirt/ 365 days of yoga

journey to the skirt

Current weight: 153

Goal: No soda or fast food/ practice yoga once in the morning – no excuses

I’m actually surprised that I lost weight and didn’t gain weight after last week. And I know what the problem is. It’s convenience…with a little dose of lack of willpower. We didn’t get any groceries and since I don’t drive, I was left to eat whatever was around the house, or what was brought to me.

This meant some unhealthy food. And then we had a BBQ on Fathers Day, and that was definitely NOT healthy. But I maintained my yoga practice (although I did take a few days off) and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m considering training to get my teaching certificate so I can teach yoga.

It will take a while, of course. I need to save up some money in order to pay for the certificate, and I need to find some time to dedicate to this. My goal is to be able to teach momma and baby yoga classes and prenatal yoga classes in Stockton. I would also need a car for this, so this goal is something that I will need to work on.

I also saw this on Pinterest today and with the nice weather, I think I will make some use out of it!


Image belongs to iTunes

You can download a free podcast from Eion Finn on iTunes and take your computer outside for your yoga practice! How cool is that! The baby LOVES being outside so this could definitely work. She could either hang out with me while I workout or she could bounce along in her jumper.

I’m still doing the 30 day challenge with Erin Motz on Do You Yoga, but this is also something I want to try out. I’m trying to incorporate yoga into my life as much as I can. It brings me a lot of peace, along with a good workout. I have been slacking on practicing for the last couple of days but I’m pumped to get back in it.

My biggest issue is that danged food! I have been looking at Gracious Pantry for inspiration and she posts recipes that look pretty easy and tasty. I’m trying to get into the clean lifestyle by eliminating one dirty food per week rather than going balls to the wall. I don’t have the money or motivation to go balls to the wall right now! And I think if I just try substituting clean food for dirty food, I’ll stick with it more. I’ll make sure to post any recipes that I am successful at making something good!

If I equip myself with a clean lifestyle and some daily yoga, I’ll feel good about myself, no matter how much I weigh.