Yo Momma Monday: Bree Mobley

yo momma monday

923343_590822744268771_477122649_nI finally got my very first victim (er, momma) for Yo Momma Monday! Her name is Bree Mobley and she is a 20 year-old new mom from what she describes as a richy, snobby little town in North Carolina. She blogs at Parent Trapped with her partner in parenting, Jason, and they have a three month old son, Maverick.

She found me on the May Blog Hop at Bloggymoms (proof that those things actually work) and she very kindly answered my questions in record time. Although there are 10 years difference between me and Bree, so much of our story is the same. Kids literally change everything and make your life feel so much more meaningful.

What were you doing before your son was born? I was living in the Raleigh-Durham area working in a movie theater and at home as customer support for an online company.

How has your life changed since having him? Well, I’m a mom now. Lol, no,  uhm, seriously it’s changed a lot. I’m a stay at home mom now. I kinda enjoy being a stay at home mom. I like to clean, cook, take care of the baby. All of those things. I always wanted to be Lucy Ricardo, a Stepford Wife. It’s not what most people picture when they meet me, but I love the idea. To be a domestic goddess. And nearly all of my time is dedicated to someone else. I definitely value time out of the house a lot more. And suddenly someone is a million times more important than anything else. I’m not depressed anymore either. He literally makes every aspect of my life better.

How would you describe your son’s personality? Well, he’s truly a sunshine-y happy baby. I’m woken up to big gummy smiles. He loves showers. He talks a lot. Always cooing and his face is always serious while he does it. He makes me laugh a lot with the faces he makes. Oh, and he’s a flirt. Loves to smile at the ladies.


What is one thing you wish you knew before having a baby? How much I would love him. I mean, of course I knew if I’d ever had a child I’d love them. But, sometimes I just sit there and look at him. Like when he’s sleeping, and it feels like my heart is going to burst from the love I feel for him. Nothing else matters. I cry when I think about him growing up and saying Mama for the first time, or walking. I had a dream once that something horrible happened to him and I have yet to get over it. It breaks my heart when I think about it and it was just a dream. I’ve lost people close to me in reality and that didn’t compare to the pain of that dream. He is literally mein Herz. (My heart)
What made you guys decide to both write for one blog? Do you have any other blogs? Well, I was talking about how I really wanted to have a -REAL- mommy blog. I have a tumblr, you see. (mommyslittlemonstar.tumblr.com) There I tend to just reblog things and occasionally post about how I feel about motherhood or update about his progress. But I wanted a real blog and Jason-Maverick’s dad, thought it’d be a great idea for both of us to write for it together. After all, as far as I’ve seen, not many parent blogs tend to show both sides of the spectrum. Not to mention, one day we’ll be able to look back together and see all the things we posted, all the pictures and memories.
When do you feel like you are at your strongest/weakest? Strongest- I feel like I’m at my strongest when my family is together and doing things together. When we go for a morning walk and we’re all smiling, or laying in bed and talking about our plans for the future. (We cosleep, you see. Maverick sleeps between us.) I’m my weakest when I’m alone. I don’t tend to do so when I’m alone and that’s when I start to think about how things can/or have fallen apart. How promises can be broken or that kind of
Is there anything that stressed you out that you look back and laugh at now? Uhm, I stress about everything. The worst things were telling my dad I was pregnant at nineteen, introducing my dad to Jason (He’s never met a single boyfriend before, and trying to get only the people I wanted in my hospital room in there and no one else. My dad was disappointed that I got pregnant so young but he supported me 100% and he absolutely adores my son. Him and Jason seem to get along well enough. You can never really tell how my dad feels. And… in the end, my sister was in the hospital room too, even though I’d only wanted my mom, my son’s godfather, and Jason. It didn’t matter though. It was kind of nice since I’d been there when she was born. Besides, I had an emergency c-section. When it came to my son being born, it was just me and Jason.

Who gave you the best/worst parenting advice? Uhm, I really wasn’t given much parenting advice. Just the whole “sleep when baby sleeps” tidbit. I helped raise my siblings and I’m a research nut, so I think most people figured I had it under control. By the way, you may want to roll your eyes but sleep when baby sleeps is a great bit of advice. Not EVERYTIME the baby naps of course, you’ll never get anything done but at least one nap a day, you’ll feel so much better. Wait, no I do have one piece of bad advice. “Get all the sleep now while you’re pregnant, you won’t get it later.” It’s not like you can stock up on the sleep and be rested later. No matter how much sleep you get while you’re pregnant, you’ll still be sleepy later.

Besides your blog, how do you keep from just completely losing it? The occasional date. My mother is staying with us right now until she can afford a place of her own and so we have a live in babysitter when she doesn’t have to work. Our occasional movie dates are amazing. Or, when we go for our family walks or on trips to the zoo. Those are godly to me. We’re all smiling, I’m taking photographs, and I just fall more and more in love with them than I was before.
What is the best thing about being a parent? Everything. The way they look at you and smile. Their precious face as they dream. The pride you feel when someone compliments them. All of it. And knowing it only gets better with time.
What about the scariest thing? Worrying that you’re going to fail. Fear that your child is going to hate you, or that you’re not going to be able to provide something for them. That’s the scariest thing to me.
If you want to learn more about Bree and her adventures in parenting, visit her blog at Parent Trapped. If you know of any awesome mamas who would be a great addition to this blog, please post in the comments or e-mail me at mamabecrafty@gmail.com.

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