Thrifty Thursdays

thrifty thursdays

I was holding my daughter the other day when I noticed there were sparkles all over her. I didn’t remember taking her to a strip club, so I was confused as to why she was covered in glitter. Then I looked at my arms and realized that the lotion I had been wearing for a few months now was sparkly. I guess that’s what “shimmer” lotion means.

The lotion is from Marc Jacobs and is my favorite scent ever. It’s a gift that my aunt gives me every year on my birthday, because I used to always take hers when I lived with her. I love wearing it when I go out and about, but I need something for around the house. I don’t really want to buy any other lotions, so I looked into how to make my own lotions. Turns out, it’s pretty thrifty and will last a while. PERFECT! Here are some tutorials.

crem1580Homemade bag balm, from Prairie Sunrise Homestead

DIY-Homemade-Lotions-Bars-5A couple handmade lotion and lip balm tutorials, by My Yellow Umbrella

CLEAN LIVING ORGANIC HOMEMADE lavender  LOTIONOrganic homemade lotion, by Sincerely, Kinsey

This is awesome place to find all sorts of DIY projects. This might become my new love

Homemade-Lotion-Recipe-all-natural-and-easy-to-makeAll-Natural Homemade Lotion Recipe, by Wellness Mama

And when you’re done with your lotion

mason jar lotion dispenser labeledDIY Mason Jar Lotion Dispenser, from The Gunny Sack

Please let me know if you tried any of these tutorials. I would love to know how they turned out! I’ll post my lotion experiment when I’m done. Have any homemade lotion tutorials to share? Post the link in the comments!

And as always, not everything I pin on my Pinterest makes it onto the blog, so for more inspiration, check out my Pinterest!

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