Gettin fit: the journey to the skirt (part 2)

gettin fit

Current weight: 151.5

Weekly goal: No sodas!

So, I was all ready to workout like a champ last week, but alas….no. But, I have a new motivation. My brother’s wedding is nine weeks from this Friday, and I have made it my goal to wear this at some point during that weekend. We will be in Tahoe for the wedding and I just think it would be so fun to wear that little deal around town.

I also have some more motivation to help me reach my goal. I have now applied to blog for both Skinny Mom and BodyRock TV, sites that I have used before to kick my little (ok, big) hind-end into gear. I will be doing all of this without following any special diet, just monitoring what I eat and how much activity I’m getting every day.

I am making it a goal to eliminate all sodas from my life, but gosh dang it is hard! Like I said before, it’s not that I’m really addicted to sodas, it’s the availability of them at this house. By 12 pm, I am really dragging and need a little pick-me-up. I think the biggest issue for me is having healthy food that I like here. And making food every night. As long as I’m making the food, I’m good. I just need to stick to that.

As far as working out, it’s really hard for me to step away from the computer in the morning to work out. I do include my daughter in my afternoon workouts and I’m going to write a post for next week about how to workout with your little babe. All the posts I see are for babes that are sitting up by themselves, which makes it a little easier, but what about the babes who can’t do that yet?

So, I’m working on banishing all soft drinks and taking a half hour away from the computer each day to work out. We shall see how that goes!

Weekly inspiration:

Believe-You-Can-and-Youre-Half-Way-There-Inpost_0inspirational poster from greatist

What fitness goals have you set for you this week? Share them in the comments!

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