Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites

Everyone thinks I should be this craft goddess because I was raised by such a crafty woman. She can sew, knit, crochet, crosstitch, bake. She has been known to hem pants for my friends while they were standing there. She’s insane with that stuff. Living with her should have been like having my own personal home-ec class, right in my house.

But, it was quite the opposite. She was always the one to do all of that, so I really didn’t feel the need to do it until much later in life. To be honest, I never baked a cookie until I got pregnant and got all domesticated. Until then, I would just tell my mom what I wanted and she would make it for me.

I have gotten the hang of baking and now I act all big and bad when I bake at her house, when really, I should be bowing in front of her. She has tried countless times to teach me how to knit and sew, but I never could quite grasp it. I know every time I told her about a new project I was working on, she was always thinking “Great. A new project for me to work on,” and she always obliged.

Hopefully when I take up my new hobby, she won’t have to end up doing it for me. This time? Needlepoint! Because, why not? There were A LOT of needlepoint tutorials and items on Pinterest, but these were my favorites. I’m also including some cool websites I found whilst on my needlepoint journey.

flashback_needlepoint_purse_intro1Flashback Needlepoint Purse tutorial. Found on Make: Craft Magazine by way of Trend Hunter

Tutorial by Danielle Thompson, who blogs at Thompson Family and owns Kitschy Digitals, an awesome website for crafting, blogging, graphic and web design, pretty much anything

needlepoint-pillow-2-425Make your needlepoint canvas into a pillow, tutorial by the Purl bee

Embroidery PatternFree embroidery pattern, from Geninne’s Art Blog

iphone-scotch-600Needlepoint tutorial for iPhone case, from the Purl bee

hand_embroidered_letters_21Hand Embroidery: Lettering tutorial from Needle ‘n Thread

175px-1step11_763Needlepoint tutorial, by WikiHow

From what I’ve learned, the Purl bee is kind of a big deal when it comes to needlepoint. Do you have any needlepoint tutorials or projects to share? Please post them in the comments!

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