Fridays are for Favorites


Hey girl. Let’s just sit together and look at pictures of Ryan Gosling. I’ve always had a little crush on Ryan Gosling (I mean, I do have a pulse) but my crush grew into full-blown love when I found out what a rad guy he is. He’s a feminist, he knits and he loves his mom? Done.

But what I love as much – if not, more – are the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes. Some of them are kind of lame, but the majority of them make me laugh out loud. Here are my favorites:



65b9b9117fd196de96bf91baf9c9acecOh, anything for you, Ryan.

f1d6d12982e69124cd69bc04488e59f9Finally, somebody gets it.

After being told I have a serious addiction to Michaels, this is so refreshing to hear:


See, Ryan knows what you sacrifice for your work.


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