Gettin healthy: weight aint nothing but a number

IMG_3191I came to an epiphany yesterday, and I have got to tell you, it’s such a relief to say this. Weight really ain’t nothing but a number. I try and try to reach this magical number and I lose sight on what’s really important, being healthy. Sure, having a number in mind is a great motivator. But it’s not everything.

So, instead of focusing on some silly number, I’m going to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And that is different to everyone. But to me, it means doing yoga every morning, eating healthy (I am still trying to “eat clean” for two of my three meals, simply because I believe in the philosophy), exercising in the afternoon and doing yoga again at night. To me, a healthy lifestyle also means meditating every day and hanging out with my daughter, since she makes me the happiest person ever.

A healthy lifestyle means going outside and gardening, and working on projects around my house that make me feel good inside. It means taking a little bit of time out of every day to be completely unplugged. No music, no computer, no phone. Just me. It means getting more spiritual, knowing that there is something greater than us out there.

To me, being healthy does not mean agonizing over every piece of food I put in my mouth. It means enjoying life, and just getting up every morning and doing something. When I look back at this part of my life, I’m not going to think “Damn. I did really good on that diet.” No, I’m going to think about being a first-time mom, having my garden and having the freedom to do what I love every day.

That was the huge thing for me. I really do have the freedom to do what I want. And yet, I restrict myself every day. So, as long as I stick to working out every day, eating healthy, meditating, hanging out with my daughter as much as I possibly can, working on stuff I love and getting back in touch with my spirituality, I think I’ll be OK.

I have enough stress right now. My diet does not need to be a part of it. I’m not saying I’ll never step on the scale again. It’s definitely a good way to check my progress. But I’m not going to depend on it.

I’ve opted out of the Social Workout account because I felt like it was taking away from what I wanted to do. However, I’m still doing the 21-day Yoga Challenge, and I’m in my 2nd week. I like having something like that to look forward to every morning and it fits with what I’m going for right now.

So, if you find yourself constantly at the scale and the lack of change is frustrating you, just remember that the number on the scale and the number you want to reach are just that. Numbers. Make conscious choices to live a healthy lifestyle, and you’ll do just fine. After all, pure, genuine happiness is much harder to reach than any number. And once you have that, you’re golden.

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