Thrifty Thursday

thrifty thursdays

I love going through my old clothes. It’s like traveling back in time and seeing all of the phases I went through. Skater phase, hippie phase (some may argue that I’m still in this phase), businesswoman phase, college phase, and so on. The only issue is that I don’t have use for a lot of these clothes. I give most of what I can to Goodwill but as silly as it might sound, there are a few articles of clothes that mean something to me. I just don’t want to wear them anymore.

Since I’m doing a lot of spring cleaning right now anyway, I researched cool ways to upcycle my old clothing. I even found a tutorial on turning old shirts into kids clothing. How cool would it be for Cecilia to wear an old shirt of mine and I could tell her the story behind it? And I could do something with all those clothes that I just lug around because they are sentimental to me.

c3transform a shirt into a onesie, by MADE

6238718043_9d7850d28fmake an old shirt into a cardigan, by Easily Dunn

(the actual title of the post is exactly what I’m talking about!)

tackingfour different ways to turn your pants into shorts, by ROO

(you know no upcycling post would be complete without the obligatory pants-into-shorts tutorial)

IMG_9572turn a tank into an empire waisted dress, by trip over joy

Screen Captures2turn your shirt into a braided scarf, by put up your dukes

Have you tried any of these tutorials? Do you have any you would like to add? Please share them in the comments! Check out my Pinterest for more tutorials on upcycled clothing.

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