Fridays are for Favorites

fridays are for favorites 4-5

You know how in school if you didn’t like a teacher you had for one of your subjects, you were doomed from the beginning? I think a lot of times, that’s how it is with all of these fitness blogs, websites and videos. I was watching a video the other day on bodyweight exercises and the guy in the video was such a douche that I started feeling like a douche just for watching it.

Then I gave up on the exercise altogether and ultimately started looking up other stuff online. While I could have simply chosen another video or website, I was so put off that I just ignored the whole damn thing.  The same thing happens with the Wii Fit. If it pisses me off enough, I’ll just jump off it and watch a movie or something. It was easier when I could just go the gym and hop on the machines, but now that I do all my exercises at home, I depend on other people to show me what’s up.

So, if you have a teacher (aka, website/blog/app) that you like and enjoy returning to every day, it will be much easier to get through the workouts, diets, etc. Call it an excuse if you will, I know I do. But I will ultimately succeed in this weight loss dilemma if I enjoy the route I’m taking.

So, here are some websites and blogs that I visit daily in what feels like my never-ending quest to get healthy.

Greatist-new-logo-bullet_river11. Greatist – The name serves them right. In my opinion, they are one of the greatest health and fitness sites I’ve landed on. The writers share numerous recipes and workouts and offer challenges (I’m doing the DIY Health Challenge). It doesn’t cost any money to join and what I like the best is that they don’t just focus on losing weight but on making lifestyle changes to better your life. And I’m all about that.

249825_10150255936578834_6178946_a2. Social Workout – If you’ve read my blog even once before, you know I’m a big fan of challenges. Not that I really ever complete or stick to them but I sure do get a kick out of starting them. Here, you can find pretty much any challenge under the sun or if you’re unimpressed with what’s on there, you can make your own and invite your friends to start. They don’t only have workout challenges. I’m also doing a challenge to unplug from everything for one hour a day and a challenge to meditate for 15 minutes a day. I’m dedicating a whole post to the unplug challenge later. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a while.

images3. Anytime Health – I use this website A LOT. If I feel like being good and tracking my calories for the day, I can do it here. I can also find different workouts categorized by what type they are (weights, bodyweight, stability ball, etc). They also categorize the workouts by what you are working on (legs, chest, biceps, etc) and you can create and schedule your own workouts. I’m going off their fitness schedule for this month. This is also a free site and you get badges when you sign up for and complete goals. It’s like being in Campfire Girls all over again.


logo4. The Gracious Pantry –  I may be a little late to the game but I just got into clean eating. I already know my mom is shaking her head on this one. But I digress. I’m turned off by all the diets that want you to count calories. They totally work and I know that. But when I was on them, I felt more inclined to eat and drink “diet food.” Which isn’t really good for you. So, I’m giving this a whirl. It fits in perfectly with what I’m reading in my Nutrition class and in Skinny Bitch, it’s not about cutting out any food groups, just choosing good, whole food over processed food. So, no fast food or sodas. Whole wheat over white flour. Limiting sugar and salt intake. That kind of stuff. This website gives you a bunch of different resources and recipes to make the switch easier. I saw brownies in there, so I’m in!

23065. Yoga Journal – For all your yoga needs. They have challenges, videos, a blog, daily inspiration and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. If it’s a more personal approach that you fancy, check out it’s all yoga baby (she’s a writer and an instructor so I like her already) and Heather Church, another instructor and writer. SWEET!

What are your favorite health and fitness blogs? Share them in the comments below!

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