tis the season for…challenges?

Every first of the month, I decide I’m going to change my life. One time I decided I was going to be more positive. Then I thought “well, this is never going to work.” So much for being positive. Now, if the first of the month happens to land on a Monday, it’s double the life changes.

Since this is the first of the month AND it’s a Monday AND it’s Spring (everyone makes life changes in Spring, it’s a given), I just can’t help myself. It’s heroin for people who want to start anew.

So, here are the challenges I’m focusing on this month:


April Social Health Challenge, with Greatist and SocialWorkout

The perfect challenge if you are trying to eat better and get more exercise.

Getting-Yourself-Organized10 Days of Organization, by A Lot on Your Plate

I talked about this in my Spring Cleaning post. It’s not really a Challenge,

but I’m challenging myself to complete it in 10 days


30 Days to a Clean House, by Mommy Savers

If I could finish this list in a month, I would kiss the ground I walked on.

But only on Day #17

And to help me keep track of all of my challenges, there is the coolest app I have seen in a long time: BrightNest!


You can schedule your tasks and then mark them completed when you’re done.

Are you serious? Sure, I could do this all on paper, but why do that when you can have app pat you on the back when you get something done?

Are you like me and always commit yourself to changing your life in the beginning of a new month, week or season? How long does it last?


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