If it wasn’t for Pinterest, I wouldn’t cook

SONY DSCI’ve given it some thought, and I’ve concluded that Pinterest is the reason why I enjoy cooking so much. All of the pretty little pictures and cute labels make the food look so appetizing, I just want to make all of it.

What I love the most about Pinterest, is that if I don’t like something in a recipe or I want to do something a little different, there are hundreds of other recipes I can check out. Sure, I could just google all of this, but there wouldn’t be any pretty pictures!

I need the pictures.

So when I decided to make spaghetti and breadsticks tonight, I used three different recipes – one for the marinara sauce, one for the pizza crust and one for the breadsticks. I also had to improvise with penne since I didn’t have any spaghetti noodles. Luckily, I’m a pretty big penne fan.

The sauce came from High Heels and Grills and was a pretty big hit, I must say. I think this will be my new go-to for marinara sauce. I might even start canning it to keep for those days I don’t really feel like making sauce. I’ve been having a lot of those days lately.

The recipe called for basil, which I was able to pull from the garden. Since I didn’t have the oregano it called for, I opted to pull some thyme. Did I mention that I love having a garden?

Since I didn’t have any pizza dough to use for the breadsticks, I decided to make my own dough. And for that, I went to Plum Siena. I followed the recipe, but forgot to dust it with cornmeal. Nonetheless, it was pretty amazing. Next time, I’ll have to make a pizza with this dough! I’m thinking of doing a jalapeno garlic dough next time.

SONY DSCAll of this was inspired from the potao-laced breadstick recipe I got from Spoon Fork Bacon. One look at that picture, and you will know why I wanted to make that recipe! At first, the dough looked a little raw after I baked it but then we realized it was just moist because of the potatoes. Not raw at all, but totally addicting.

This might be one of my favorite dinners, and the whole dinner was only 10 Weight Watcher points. Win/win!

One thought on “If it wasn’t for Pinterest, I wouldn’t cook

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