Momma’s Ghetto Garden: Day 5

SONY DSCAfter the rain let up a little, we determined that the spot in front of the house was maybe not the best place to keep the veggies. They needed some more sun and weren’t getting it there.

So, we moved them to another spot on the side of the house that gets a whole lot more sun. Cecilia was outside with me the whole time, following every move I made. Hopefully by the time she is able to enjoy the garden, all of the veggies and herbs will all be moved to a designated spot in the back.SONY DSC

I had to use a wagon to help move the plants and decided that I liked putting the small pots in the wagon to make it look a little more organized.

They say it takes a couple months before you start seeing anything, so I have a while, but I CANNOT wait to go pull my veggies and herbs for some homemade meals.

Next up….canning!

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