Well, hello pre-pregnancy jeans

Current weight: 154/ goal weight: 130

After I weighed myself on Sunday (with a teething baby, it has been a little hard to blog as often) I was thinking about how much I weighed before I got pregnant and was reminded that I was heftier then than I am now. Although I did walk and bike everywhere, it was normally to the bar and all that beer and fried food consumption can really get to you!

Not going to lie, I do allow myself some cheat days but I wait to do so after I have accomplished something…so it really feels like an award. And this accomplishment sure did deserve a reward!


I’m not saying they fit perfectly and that I didn’t have a little muffin top stickin out, but by golly gosh, they zipped and buttoned and I could move without fear of the button popping! I have been a lot more active with trying to keep this house cleaned and organized and with my renewed love for gardening.

The only thing I have trouble sticking to is working out. By the time I get the babe calmed down in the morning, it’s already 10 am and it’s time to start cleaning and get the day going. Then I tell myself I’ll start working out when Sam comes home, but then we’re eating dinner and I’m usually doing homework and finishing anything I couldn’t get done during the day.

So, when do I work out?

I’m not even going to try doing my workout videos for a while. I think all of my exercises will involve my baby, which is a cool experience that I can tell her all about when she asks what we did ALL day together.

So, my next challenge: to hit 150 by the 15th of this month, 140 by the 14th of april and finally, to hit 130 by the 15th of may.


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