Cheat Day meets Homemade Day

After I made the baked turkey chimichangas, Sam felt he needed to show me how to make authentic Mexican food. Who was I to tell him he couldn’t make me some homemade food! So, on Saturday, his sister and brother in law Kenny came over and Sam and Kenny decided they would make chicken enchiladas, and even make the sauce for them.

IMG_2852I was telling them about this recipe I found for homemade pretzels and that I just picked up a couple packets of yeast. Of course, that got us inspired to make the cheesy homemade pretzels I was talking about. Kenny even showed me how to make a delicious cheese sauce for dipping.

I only needed one of the three packets of yeast I purchased so we decided to use the other two packets for this whole wheat bread recipe I had. The recipe yielded three loaves of bread, which would be perfect for Sam’s lunches and to have around the house.IMG_2854

I was a little skeptical of how they would turn out since I heard that bread is really hard to make and I have always been spoiled by my mom’s baking, but they actually turned out really good! Next time, I’m going to try a jalapeno garlic recipe.

Of course when Sam and Kenny were at the store, they got their arms pulled by the Girl Scouts and came home with SIX boxes of cookies! Kenny questioned buying them since I have been on this cookie baking binge lately but nevertheless, we ended up with some cookies. Once I saw the Caramel deLites, I knew there was no turning back.

So, in one day, I had homemade pretzels, bread, chicken enchiladas and Caramel deLites. Man oh man, was it worth it! We all need cheat days here and there, or we will go crazy! The trick is to not let every day turn into a cheat day!

3 thoughts on “Cheat Day meets Homemade Day

  1. Well, I had some help! And I used to work at a pretzel place so I’ve had some experience shaping pretzels. I just had issues with mine being to skinny, so I just made them shorter and more plump. They were sooo good! Next time we’re adding jalapenos (I add them to everything)

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