Healthy food can taste good too!

Current weight: 157/ goal weight: 130

So, I’m finally on a roll with this losing weight business. The only issue is that it’s only a pound a week. While I’m happy with my weight loss, I know I need to kick it up a notch. So, I decided to look up the Weight Watchers menu to see if there was anything that looked reasonably edible. And yes there was!

I’ve made two recipes so far, and while I’m trying my hand at being a food blogger, I forgot to do the obvious…take pictures of my work! I swear it happened, though.

The first day (yesterday), I made the quick vegetarian chilli. Now, it says that it’s worth eight points. But for some reason, the recipe builder adds extra points for stuff that has zero points. So if you just delete those items from the recipe list, you’re good! After I did that, it was only five points. Those extra three points could go to some good use…like a cookie.

Then today I made baked turkey chimichangas, which are six points each. I was given some grief by my Mexican boyfriend about them not being made the “real” way, deep fried. Apparently I wasn’t following tradition, which is an ongoing theme around here. At any rate, he ate them and didn’t say that they were too horrible. Which coming from him, is kind of a big deal. I, on the other hand, loved them.

IMG_2809We were all out of my last batch of cookies so I made a batch of healthy pumpkin chocolate oatmeal cookies, from my favorite baker (well, aside from my mom of course) Sally. I made these for my dad’s birthday and fell in love with them, so I decided I would make some for here too! Luckily, these are only three points…and I saved enough to have two of them, which was the coolest thing ever.

So, for everyone who makes gagging sounds when someone mentions they are making some healthy food….don’t knock it till you try it.

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