moving is the best exercise. ever.

Current weight: 158/ goal weight: 130

When we moved into our apartment, I was five months pregnant and was not able to lift anything without everyone screaming at me to put it down. I was immediately tasked to putting away small things, cleaning and of course…resting.

This time when we moved, I was two months post baby and didn’t have anyone telling me to take it easy. I did all of our packing and helped with moving all of our stuff down a flight of stairs. Since I knew I would be active all weekend, I ate whatever I wanted…which was nothing healthy. I had a couple oranges but that was it.

I finally got my WiiFit set up on Tuesday and I was a little worried about what the result would be. I was already telling myself that I would have to be extra strict this week to make up for the weight gain after the weekend.

But then…it happened. I was finally under the 160 mark!!! I’m also only 8 lbs away from my pre-baby weight!

I have taken out all my pre-pregnancy clothes from under my bed and put them in big ol trash bags in our closet, something I have to look at every day. So, here’s my goal to make those bags disappear: I want to get to my pre-baby weight by next month so I can finally get rid of those bags!

I’m giving myself four weeks to lose eight lbs, which averages two lbs a week. I’ll be updating my progress every week to help me keep on track. Every time I try on those jeans, I get just a little more motivated.

Fortunately for me, I still have a lot of furniture to move and organize before the week is over!

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