the secret world of slow cooking

Before our baby was born, cooking was pretty simple. I would make Sam breakfast every morning, heat up some leftovers or make something like Top Ramen for lunch and then would make what seemed like endless amounts of pasta for dinner.

Sometimes I would try out a new recipe and if we didn’t have any food in our fridge, we would end up getting fast food or pizza. Then the baby came and Sam stopped getting his lunch made for him every day. When he gets home from work, he takes the baby so I can clean and get her bottles ready for them. Before we know it, we’re eating toast for dinner and he’s ready to go to bed.

SONY DSCSo, when I got a slow cooker for Christmas, it felt like gold had been dropped in my lap. Now I could start dinner when the baby took her first nap, and could pack Sam leftovers for lunch the next day. It was a miracle! There was only one issue. How the heck does one make a dinner in a crock pot?

I started doing some research on my usual gateway drug, Pinterest. A couple hours later, my grocery list was nearly two pages long. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. And more than that, I had know idea about this secret world of slow cooking.

Who knew there were so many people who were so passionate about slow cooking, and that they even had Weight Watchers recipes!

In case I’m not the only one with a crock pot and no idea where to start, I’m sharing some of the blogs I visited and some good websites for finding crock pot recipes. – According to the blog’s About Me section, the blog is owned by Gina Homolka, an author, photographer and recipe developer of which features delicious, healthy, low fat, family-friendly recipes several times per week. All of the recipes include nutritional info as well as Weight Watcher Points. While the blog does not focus crock pot recipes, there is a crock pot section. – A website devoted to healthy slow cooking recipes. There is also a fitness section, menu planning and a shop. This site also promotes Weight Watchers and has a section with Weight Watchers recipes with five points or less.

Crock Pot Recipe Exchange – A website that is all about crock pot recipes. The author, Ginger, stated on her blog that for over 10 years, she got requests for crock pot recipes and started a blog for people to exchange crock pot recipes.

Crock Pot Girl – TONS of crock pot recipes, with everything from breakfast to dinner, holidays and healthier recipes. Jenn Bare, the blog author, also wrote a book called “Get Crocked: The Definitive Guide to Crockpot Cooking.” Her website was named the “#1 Slow Cooking Website” on the Web by “All Women’s Talk.”

Crock Pot Moms – A facebook page devoted to crock pot recipes. I didn’t find a website on their facebook page, but they post all of the recipes on their page and they have a forum where it would appear the old recipes are archived.

What site do you visit for your crock pot recipes? What’s your favorite recipe?

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