How to screw up carrot cupcakes

We were lucky enough to be invited up to a cabin in Donner Lake with my dad and stepmom. I wanted to bake something to show our appreciation, like chocolate chip cookies. The only issue is that my dad is not a fan of chocolate…at all.

SONY DSCWhat’s a girl to do but to seek inspiration in her Pinterest page. So, I found a recipe for carrot cupcakes. The recipe looked pretty easy I was sure I wouldn’t be able to screw this up. Oh, how I was wrong.

First of all, it called for shredded carrots. I got a bag at the store, but the carrots were really big. Maybe that’s how they’re supposed to be but I don’t recall the carrots poking out of the dough like mine were. SONY DSC

Then I forgot to spray the muffin pan before, total rookie move. After I left the cupcakes in the oven longer than the recipe called for (35 minutes), I was sure that they would be overdone. However, after I checked and let them cool…they still seemed to fall apart when I tried to pull them out of the pan.

SONY DSCAnd no….I did not sneak two cupcakes. They are missing from the picture because they fell apart to the point of no return.

I haven’t tried them yet because I’m waiting for our trip to Donner but I will be sure to report back with how they tasted.

I’m starting to believe that I was a better baker when I first started. Maybe beginner’s luck? Hope not! Guess I’ll have to keep baking to find out.

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