New Year Challenge: pancakes gone awry

I became a breakfast person when I became a homebody. Before, I never gave myself enough time to have breakfast before work and on the weekends, I never got up in time. By the time I got up, brunch was almost over and I didn’t want my meal to ruin my mimosa high.

If there was one breakfast food I did like, it was pancakes. And not just any pancakes, they had to be homemade. I was spoiled by both of my parents being excellent pancake makers. When we were little, my dad was big into making our pancakes look like Mickey Mouse and even until I was adult, I could always count on my mom making pancakes if I was at her house in the morning on a weekend.

SONY DSCSo when I started Weight Watchers, I was a little depressed that I would have to kiss my beloved pancakes goodbye. Then I found what I thought to be an amazing pancake recipe with only two ingredients: eggs and bananas.

I found the recipe on Blogilates and the author made it seem like it was super easy. I’m assuming it took her a couple tries to get it right. Either that, or I’m doing something terribly wrong.

I followed the directions and also thought I would add apple slices to give it a little kick. Since I’ve only used my new mixer a couple times and I’m used to using my blending to do all the mixing, I thought I could just throw the apple slices in there. Then when the mixer started spitting the apple slices back at me, I learned my lesson.

SONY DSC SONY DSCI tried a pancake at medium heat and then one at low heat. The medium heat one started burning before I could flip. The low heat one took FOREVER to heat up and frankly, I didn’t have time to spend in front of the stove.

Perhaps I should narrow my search: healthy and efficient.

I will try this again when I have some time to spare. Given that school starts tomorrow, we’re moving in a couple weeks and I have a new baby…it might be a while.

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