New Year Challenge/ week 1

So, I have finally completed the 1st week of my challenge! I am very proud to announce that I stuck to my Weight Watchers diet and I lost 5 lbs! One more pound and I will be out of the 160’s! Since we are moving the first week of February, I’m making it a goal to pack up all of my maternity clothes and give them to Sam’s sister, who is also expecting.

I’ve been following the workout routines on anytime health and there is also a Nike training app which totally kicks my ass. I also finally caved and got the Wii Fit Plus with balance board. I consider it a great investment because I can weigh myself and it will track it for me, and it has a lot of great routines, like yoga and cardio. So I can do everything in one place. Also, living in an upstairs apartment makes me kind of limited with the exercises I can do, so this helps.

Another goal of mine was to focus on purchasing friendly clothing. So, my first purchase was a beautiful dress I got on Mata Traders, that was actually on clearance! I will have to post a picture of it when I get in….or when it fits.

SONY DSCSchool starts next week, so I’m trying to get everything done and my house packed up before the big move. I will definitely miss my craft closet, but there is word of a craft room in the works, as long as I can clean it out and do the renovation. Looking forward to a new project…and a craft room, of course!

“It’ll give us so much extra space in our room to do activities!”

How are your resolutions going?

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