Choose your clothes wisely

Do you make a conscious decision on where you buy your clothes and who you buy them from based on how and/or where they are manufactured? That is always a thought in the back of my head, but I must admit that when it comes down to it, I will usually choose cost (or lack thereof), to help save my wallet from ultimate destruction.

So, when I saw a blog post from the author of Delightfully Tacky (one of my favorite blogs) about making an effort to only purchase ethically produced clothing, it really got me thinking.

Yes, the clothing is usually more expensive, but that increase is worth it. Instead of just going shopping whenever I feel like it, I could save up for my shopping adventures when the seasons change, which would be a lot more fun and actually more cost effective. And, I would know where my clothes came from and how they were made.

This also made me think of fabric and yarn. I’m learning how to knit and sew and would love it if the materials I used were also ethically produced. A lot of the clothing websites I visited were off that blog post, but when I looked up fabric and yarn made in America, they were hard to find.

Needless to say, I have added a new resolution to the list. To really focus on purchasing ethically made items, whether it be clothing for me and the baby, body care, etc.To continue my efforts to shop locally and from small businesses or people who are just doing it on their own. I also have a lot of clothes I can go through and repurpose. Like I said before, this has always been a thought in the back of my head, and this year I am really going to try to make it happen.

Not only would this be good for me to do for myself, but it would be awesome to pass this on to my daughter.

Here are a few websites I found:

Fashioning Change – you can set your “style profile” and it will find you clothing from ethical clothing companies that are similar to what you are already buying

Heartsleeves Blog – a blog dedicated to discovering sustainable fashion

Bead for Life, Musana Jewelry – jewelry with a cause

Annie Greenabelle – eco-friendly clothing

Style with Heart – eco-ethical clothing and news

Ethical Fashion Forum – find ethical fashion designers

Krochet Kids – hats crocheted from woman in Uganda and Peru, proceeds go back to them. They also have really cute clothes, like this sweater that I adore.

Mata Traders – fair trade fashion

Inspirewireblog – Resource for finding fabrics made in America

Live Forever Couture – baby clothing line started by Jenny Roberts Woods, a wonderful woman and mother of two in Sacramento. She takes thrift store clothes and turns them into cute baby clothes

If you know of any more websites, please leave them in the Comments section. I will keep updating with my progress.

I’m excited to get this started. Now…all I need is money!

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