In a million years

In a million years, I never thought….

That I would be so excited to hear and feel my daughter fart, and wait in pure agony to open up her diaper and find poop.

That I would ask my mom for baking advice.

SONY DSCThat this would be my favorite Christmas gift.

That when I was up at 2 am, I would be feeding and rocking my baby.

That I would tear through a box from Similac and get excited to see a bubble-reducing bottle

That I would find spit-up on every article of clothing I’ve worn…and not care.

That I would be able to not only survive, but to function off a couple hours of sleep

That my favorite accessory would be a diaper bag

That I would ask for Babies R Us gift cards for Christmas, and then use them before any other gift card I received.

That cleaning would be my therapy, and my “me time”

That I would choose naps over anything else when I have some time to myself

In a million years, I never thought I would feel so much love for a person I have only known for a few weeks. My life has changed more than I would ever imagine, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Not even a lifetime supply of frozen yogurt.

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