A classic cookie never dies

Growing up with a mom who baked a lot meant that chocolate chip cookies were always on-hand. Whether we were sick, upset, hurt, having friends over or just because we wanted cookies, we could always count on her to make them. Now, this spoiled me rotten and I have a really hard time buying chocolate chip cookies, mostly because I don’t see the need in buying cookies when I can just call my mom to make me some, and also because I know they won’t taste as good.

SONY DSCNow that I’m going to be a mom, I decided it was time to learn the classic. Luckily, I have some years to work on perfecting my skill before Cecilia is old enough to have any. But since it’s Christmas time and I’m getting in the spirit, I decided it was the perfect time to give it a go!

Instead of calling my mom for her recipe, I looked up cookie recipes on my Epicurious app on my phone, and found this one.

SONY DSCThe recipe yielded about 48 cookies, but I only got 30 cookies out of it. Keep in mind, my cookies were probably a lot bigger than what the recipe called for. Since I only have one cookie sheet, I did 2 batches of 12 cookies and then 1 batch of 6 bigger cookies. My first batch came out crispy and skinny. I didn’t let them cool off enough so some of them broke but they were very good. Not “mom good” but good. The 2nd batch was a little better but I would go ahead and say that the last batch was my favorite. I was raised on big, thick cookies and that’s what I got!

Next time, I will try adding coconut and walnuts like my mom does but it was definitely a good start.

What is your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe?

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