14 Week Challenge: Week 6/ Prepare Cecilia’s Room

Before I got pregnant, babies weren’t really in my future. I had a few friends who had them and I had maybe been to 1 or 2 baby showers that I could remember, if that. I had no idea what babies needed…until I stepped foot into Babies R Us. The first time there, I started sweating and was completely overwhelmed by everything. Did we really need wipe warmers? And grocery cart covers, really?

I knew we needed somewhere for the baby to sleep and some clothes for her, but all of this…damn. Walking to the car after my first visit, I swore to myself that I would never step foot in that store again. But before I knew it, we were planning my baby’s first party and continuing the tradition forebabymothers who had trudged this territory before me, I was back in that damn store to register.

After my mom and I tried, and failed, to battle the registry list by ourselves with that trusty price gun, we surrendered to the Babies R US gods and got our very own guide to take us around the store and show us EVERY single thing we needed (and some we didn’t…). I was sure nobody would buy half the stuff on the list.


After the multiple trips up the stairs to my apartment with all of this baby gear, I had a new purpose in life. Find room for all this stuff. When we first looked at apartments, a friend told us we could save money by getting a one-room apartment since the baby wouldn’t need that much living space for a couple years.


At first, I kept the door shut and pretended that it didn’t exist. When that stopped working, I decided I would spend an hour or two a day on her room and after a couple weeks, this is where we are. Obviously I’m not as handy as I thought I was, and we still need to get the bassinet together.

While I love the way it looks so far, I’m hoping that after this weekend, I can walk in there without my skin crawling. I’m also hoping that Cecilia won’t have a deep-seeded hatred and/or fear of owls.

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