14 Week Challenge: Week 5/ New Food

I love everything about pumpkins…picking them, carving them, their seeds, their spice that is added to every food and beverage imaginable during fall. I love it. So when I came across a pumpkin frozen yogurt recipe, I was sold. The recipe I saw was on Domestic Peacock, but when I looked it up on my phone while I was out shopping, I could only find the allrecipes.com recipe.

Since I bought all the ingredients to match the allrecipes.com recipe, I figured I would try that one first. Then, I would try the domestic peacock recipe if that didn’t work out. Well, I made it. And I didn’t like it….which is a lot for me, because again….I LOVE PUMPKIN. I don’t think it mixed completely and it was wayyy too sweet for me. I tried making it in an ice cream maker but I think I will blend the ingredients first next time to see if that makes any difference.

Next time, I’m going to try the Domestic Peacock recipe to see if that makes any difference.

I’ve been looking at this Falafel box since I bought it, a lonnnng time ago. I finally caved and bought the ingredients to see if I could make this treat as good as it looked on the box. I followed the directions and even made my own yogurt dill dipping sauce (recipe is also on the back). And I must say, this is probably my favorite dish I have made so far. Instead of a pita, I used naan bread and I was completely in love.

I will definitely be making this A LOT more often, maybe I can even make my own falafel mix next time.


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