14 Week Challenge: Week 5/ Art projects

So, I’ve been working on my beverage holder project. I have one pretty much completed and that will hold my spray paints. It’s kind of lopsided though so I’m trying to think of a way to make it stand up straight. I think I will add cardboard to one side but if there are any ideas/suggestions out there…that would be amazing.

I’m also working on transforming a Bud Light 6-pack into a paint/brush holder for my paints. Took A LOT of layers to make the gold thick enough to cover all the writing. Then I got all crazy and thought I would add some purple…which I ended up not being the biggest fan of. Clipped some words out of a magazine and added that. I’ll probably add some more magazine clippings and maybe paint something on the side…but this is it so far.

Finally, I’ve decided to get back into making hair accessories out of feathers and beer caps. I’ve made them before but I stopped for a while to focus on other stuff in my life. But I love making them and so I decided to pick it back up. Thinking of selling some of them on etsy. I bought the feather part from Michaels but I’m hoping to make my own feather designs soon.

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