Blog Inspiration – Going Home to Roost

When I started this blog, I wanted to focus on food and crafts, since those are my 2 favorite things. Before I dove in, I visited a lot of blogs that discussed the same stuff so I could see how they were doing it and maybe get some ideas.

One blog that I came across was Going Home to Roost, and I instantly felt inspired. Not only does she talk about crafting and food, but she also has gardening tips and advice on starting a creative business of your own. I felt right at home when I entered the blog because of the comfy background and laid-back approach.

Bonnie Christine, the blog author, has also created a little tribe and offers a $5/month membership to join the tribe. I felt so inspired that I decided to join and I have been really impressed with what I have received. I’m currently using the design she sent this week as my computer background and there’s lots of good stuff for when I’m ready to beautify my blog.

Check out her blog and if you feel inspired to join, here’s the details:


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